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#ANTIFA: FARAGE ADMIRED HITLER @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @antisemitism

ANTIFA WORLDWIDE | 21.06.2016 18:02 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

SPANISH newspaper El Pais has contacted one of Nigel Farage's former schoolmates, and discovered that Farage is not a huge Islamophobe and anti-refugee in his role as leader of UKIP, but during his youth, he was an avid hardcore neo-Nazi who racially abused Jewish pupils with the most sickening hate, using phrases including "Hitler was right" and whispering in their ears that they would be "sent to gas chambers", the most vile and horrific allegations that must not be brushed under the carpet, just because he is a party leader. A translation of his fellow pupil's words, follows, as a screenshot.

WE URGENTLY ask that journalists everywhere, urgently contact El Pais to get a translation for the story, so the truth can be revealed about Farage's absolutely horrific nazi past. This ties in exactly with school reports which refer to Farage's "fascism" and bullying, and with claims that he goosestepped through villages at night singing Hitler Youth songs, which if true, he must have most surely an avid Hitler fan to know all the words.

With the deadline of #Brexit or #Remain approaching, it is imperative that anyone who thinks for one moment that voting leave will bring about a better society, should consider that a monster who apparently used to racially abuse Jewish pupils at school, some of whom, parents and relatives would have perished in the Holocaust, should never be considered even for an ounce of power.

Farage is a successfully man who has milked UKIP and his supporters for every penny, and charged a considerable amount of money for press interviews. If the neo-Nazi allegations had been untrue, he would have surely challenged them in court, or issued an injunction, which he hasn't. Which does seem to suggest that the accounts are factual to some degree.

This story about Farage openly expressing support for Adolf Hitler and racially-abusing Jewish kids, would have been headline news in the Sun, Express, or Mail, had it been a Labour politician who was alleged to have acted in this horrific way, but since these papers support Nigel Farage, there has been not a peep out of them, which speaks volumes.

As for Richard Desmond, the former pornographer and owner of the Express, the kids abused could have been relatives of his family or friends, and yet, he has deliberately chosen to keep quiet about Nigel Farage's nazi childhood because he is a major UKIP donor, and a personal friend of Farage. If Desmond is aware of this story, but it holding back on exposing the truth, from a Jewish background himself, he has let down his own community, which is yet another unpleasant string to Porno Dickie's bow.

Anyone who thinks "Hitler was right" and longed for Jewish people to be murdered in concentration camps, is not fit for any role in public office. If #Brexit wins, come Friday, alleged neo-Nazi Farage will be on his way to a congratulatory seat in the House of Lords, awarded by the next Prime Minister Boris "Trump" Johnson, a hardline Thatcherite who referred to black Londoners as "picaninnies".