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#ALERTA #ANTIFA: LITTLE JAMES LAMB @slatukip @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane #ed

ANTIFA YORKSHIRE | 17.06.2016 11:13 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | South Coast

White supremacist groups like National Action are reaching out to more and more young people, encouraging them to get involved with the hate politics that killed Jo Cox, using terms like "white genocide" on their profiles. James is one for the anti-terror police to look out for in future, and the police and ANTIFA should keep tabs on him. Just take a look at the face on the profile - looks like a young Oswald Mosley or Nick Griffin in the making. It doesn't matter how childish young 20 year old racists are, when they say "the traitors will be made accountable", they ultimately mean via the bullet or the gun, as what happened to murdered Birstall and Batley MP - Jo Cox.

If this was a young Asian Muslim man, taking about "retribution for the west", James Lamb would hae had his door caved in by the anti-terror squad, however, being white, British and supposedly from a Christian background, "Prevent" or even the local police, won't arrest young Mr Lamb, until he does something horrific.

The look on young James's eyes speaks a million terrifying words - psychopath perhaps, but white supremacist for sure. White people are not in danger in Europe, and only an extremist would post this on his timeline.

Young white supremacists need to be de-radicalised, but don't expect this to happen under any sort of Conservative administration.

How many more anti-racist activists' lives should be placed in danger before white Christian terrorism is taken seriously??????