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Curo - Victor da Cunha - self obsessed and power hungry.

A Curo Employee | 09.06.2016 10:38

Not for profit company Curo's chief executive Victor da Cunha in his attempt to take total control of the company has raised a complaint against a senior college who questioned him. As a result at least four board members resigned and the organisation has been downgraded by their regulator. The malpractice and money wasting is hidden from the board as is the neglect of vulnerable customers. They have just wasted £1 million on looking into a company putting in a cable car just so Victor can have his name linked to it and leave a legacy. The man is so power-crazed he has forgotten the staff and tenants.He locks himself away on the top floor and treats the organisation as if it is a corporation not a charity. Whilst he grows his empire of house building, the social tenants properties and estates are neglected.

More to follow......

A Curo Employee