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Who are Infrastrata?

E | 04.06.2016 22:37 | Fracking

Last Monday we went in search of InfraStrata, the company currently drilling in Woodburn Forest in Antrim. Infrastrata say that they expect to find 25 million barrels of oil (MMBO). (Previously November 2014 it was both gas and oil they were looking for and expected to find 25 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMBOE))(

Inside the supposed InfraStrata Offices
Inside the supposed InfraStrata Offices

I read in the Irish Independent that InfraStrata were “Surrey-based” and as I live close I thought it'd be good to find out more. The contact information on their website lists their offices as in Richmond, Surrey.

On walking to the listed address, 80 Hill Rise, Richmond, we found a closed up, empty art gallery. There was no mention of any business on the building and the upturned tables and dust inside the premises seemed to indicate that it is not in use. This is also the address given for press contact with Infrastrata. It seems from CompanyCheckthat InfraStrata CEO Andrew Hindle lives close by and presumably that is why the pseudo-office is there. The company InfraStrata plc is registered to a different address:, Blackstable House, Longridge, Sheepscombe, Stroud, Glos, GL6 7QX, UK, which appears to be a house in beautiful, leafy, rural area, but also presumably not an office.

Infrastrata are undertaking a rather risky operation of drilling a 2km borehole right beside a number of reservoirs that supply water to Belfast and Carrickfergus. Their website notes that they have a ‘small management team is supported by a wide range of professional organisations including drilling engineers Fraser Well Engineering and environmnetal (sic) consultants the RPS Group’ and was listed as having five employees in July 2015 ( Where does this small management team and/or staff work?

If you have information about this company pass it on to those who stand to be most immediately threatened by the drilling in Antrim –