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URGENT #ANTIFA CALLOUT: #LEEDS @2ferdi7 @millymatty @ant1fane @dubdanu @JLRFB

ANTIFA NORTH | 27.05.2016 17:12 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | Birmingham | South Coast


In today's interview with BBC News, swastika-tatooed Eva Van Housen is defying calls to stop campaigning for Vote Leave, and will be setting up her stall in Briggate. Leeds City Centre, once again this weekend, accompanied by fellow neo-nazi, former BNP Youth Leader / publicist AIDS fan Mark Collett and appalling violent Hitler-worshipping National Action anti-Semite Wayne Jarvie from Wakefield / York. and many more local fascists, intimidating Jewish and non-white shoppers and passers-by. "Vote Leave is a non-affiliated volunteer campaigning group, they have absolutely no right in telling me and my partner to discontinue the stalls," she told the BBC. "Myself and my partner and any other nationalists will continue to hold Vote Leave stalls and leaflet up until the referendum". They must be given their marching orders by ANTIFA!


Following Vote Leave (@vote_leave)'s disclaimer to BBC reporters, claiming they had asked Collett and his anti-Semitic nazi pals to stop handing out Vote leave materials to shoppers on Briggate, Leeds's main shopping street, Eva Van Housen responded defiantly promising to gather with her hardcore neo-nazi friends week after week, until the referendum in June.

The nazi stalls will continue on, gathering in numbers week to week, creating an extremely dangerous situation for the multicultural city, Hitler lovers' Collett and Eva's national socialist gatherings set to involve growing numbers of National Action, ex-BNP and also NF members, EDL, and NEI neo-nazis over the next two months.

Updated BBC Story: -

Another article released online, draws attention to the neo-nazi, white supremacist tattoos that Eva wears on her body, which include tattoos celebrating the SS, Hitler's death troops who rounded up Jewish people in the Holocaust and sent them to Auschwitz be murdered, plus words from Adolf Hitler's speeches.

See this article specifically about Eva's tattoos: -

Jewish shoppers will be walking past the Vote Leave stall in Briggate this Saturday, unaware that people who long for them to be killed, and deny (or glorify the Holocaust: - Wayne Jarvie recently tweeted sickeningly in support of the Clifford's Tower, York Genocide as @jorvikson), are standing merely feet away from them, working on behalf of Vote Leave.

Vote Leave's disclaimer (see the BBC article: - link above), suggests nothing more than a belated act of window-dressing from the Conservative Party's official anti-EU campaign. Week words and denials, when in-fact a solicitors letter drafted to participants including Mark Collett, Eva Van Housen and Wayne Jarvie, imposing a legal injunction, would be the only viable course of action to curtail Vote Leave's street nazi campaign, if Vote Leave were indeed serious in stopping Collett and his Leeds Reich from handing out leaflets, badges, and balloons to kids, which they aren't. Vote Leave own the "intellectual rights" to their materials, and as such, can simply and effectively issue writs to stop named far right person(s) from distributing their materials on their behalf.

Hardcore neo-nazis openly campaigning as a gang in Leeds City Centre is abhorrent, and must be counter-protested by every available anti-fascist in the North of England. National Action thugs were run off the streets of Liverpool by six hundred ANTIFA who amassed at short notice. Sadly, antifascists are hard to come by in Leeds these days, as Leeds, as a city, has seen its radical protestors dwindle away into single figures. Only a sizeable antifascist protest will suffice in protecting Leeds shoppers from this racist, anti-Semitic menace.

If local ANTIFA don't wake up and get their arses into gear, Leeds will be eventually lost to hate. Going to punk gigs and talking the talk is one thing, but walking the walk is another, as it seems that antifascists in the city have gone into retirement since the demise of the BNP. The heady days of chasing Watmough, Eddy Morrison and Liam Pinkham off the streets of Leeds in the fleeting days of the BPP, long forgotten, neo-nazis are now free to roam at will in Leeds, and do as they choose. Anti-fascism in Leeds has gone the same way as Leeds's pathetic football club.

Lone antifascists walking down Briggate are strongly advised to keep clear of the Vote Leave stalls over coming weeks. National Action and rightwing Leeds United thugs likely to be in attendance, offering "security" for the Adolf Hitler worshippers. Strength in numbers is urgently required to oppose the nazi Vote Leave menace.




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