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#ANTIFA ALERT: #LEEDS #NAZI TAKEOVER @millymatty @slatukip @dubdanu @JLRFB #ukip

ANTIFA NORTH | 25.05.2016 19:00 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | Birmingham | South Coast

The lunatics have taken over the "asylum", hardcore Hitler-salivating, rabid neo-Nazis that even the likes of the EDL had thought were history, returning with a vengeance in Leeds, taking over the Vote Leave campaign in the city, much to the stonily silent indifference of Michael Gove and the Official Conservative Party. Ignore it and it will go away, is the attitude of the Vote Leave bigwigs, who have assumed ostrich mode as damage limitation, even though the story refuses to go away, and more and more hardcore Hitler-lickers are gathering each and every week on Briggate, Leeds creating a dangerous situation for Jewish and ethnic minority shoppers.

Wayne Jarvie AKA Jorvik Son, was out campaigning with Vote Leave - a horrific neo-nazi who recently celebrated the Middle Ages genocide of Jewish people in Clifford's Tower, York, before his appalling anti-Semitic account got taken down by Twitter.

Stronger-In and the rest of the Remain campaign should be on this story like a shot, but as yet, they have not taken advantage of this unbelievable but true turn of events, which is a such a pitiful mistake, especially when Boris Johnson starts labelling the EU as "nazis".

Proper SS-glorifying nazis are now working for Gove and Johnson on the streets of the UK, and not a word from anyone. Only the Yorkshire Evening Post have, as yet, dared to break the story. Maybe the silence is explained by an unwillingness from David Cameron to play hardball with Gove, IDS and Johnson, even though all the power-hungry Thatcherites are quick to criticise Cameron's pro-EU campaign. Either way, the public needs to know what is happening in Leeds, an entire regional Vote Leave operations centre being managed by people sporting swastika tattoos with a track record of neo-Nazi activity.

Mark Collett, who called AIDS "a friendly disease" for killing significant numbers of gay and black people, and who appeared on television to espouse his views not so long ago, is the official Leeds co-ordinator for the Eurosceptic Conservative Party managed anti-EU "Vote Leave" campaign. A close friend of American white supremacist David Duke, former leader of the KKK (who shares Collett's video messages on YouTube), it is astounding to think that the Tories would provide campaign materials, stalls and training to known anti-Semitic neo-Nazis and white power bigots. Just how are they going to reconcile thus with their Jewish members?????

Unlike Leave.EU, which is run by UKIP, and one would expect to harbour more undesirables than Broadmoor, Vote Leave is part and parcel of the Official Conservative Party.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson, the key figure in Vote Leave, visited Yorkshire last Friday, including Leeds, in his non-British-made "blunderbus" battlebus, to thank local Vote Leave campaigners for their assistance. A bumbling figure at best, Mr Johnson might not have recognised Mark Collett, nor seen his girlfriend Eva Van Housen's Nazi tattoo, but surely he should have noticed that something was amiss with the Leeds unit - the shiftiness that accompanies hardline race haters like a bad smell.

All fascism stinks, and neo-Nazism pongs the most. On their return to Leeds last Saturday, Collett and his assorted Hitlerite rabble, were back joined by several members of National Action including violent white supremacist thug Wayne Jarvey, who celebrated the mass murder of Jewish people in York during the Middle Ages, at Clifford's Tower.

Leeds prides itself as an ultra-modern city, with brand-spanking new shopping centres, Harvey Nicks, posh fashion boutiques, and the like, but the city's gentrification underpins a vacuous underbelly of difference. Despite being a city with a thriving Jewish community, Leeds is more than happy to turn a blind eye to the Hitler lovers and Holocaust deniers in its midst, as is Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, IDS and the rest of the Vote Leave bigwigs, who have continued to ignore the cold hard facts that their Leeds campaign has been taken over wholesale by neo-nazis. In-fact, anyone who does not have a BNP or National Action pedigree would stand out like a sore thumb at Vote Leave's Saturday stalls on Briggate, such is the extent of Collett's white nationalist takeover.

National newspapers have yet to pick up on this story, most probably because most of the major print titles are owned by rightwing media barons who refuse to print seriously bad publicity for Vote Leave. But sooner or later, when the number of neo-Nazis in Leeds rises to fifty or more, and black, Jewish and Asian shoppers-by are intimidated by the strong nazi presence on the streets of Yorkshire's largest city, Mark Collett and Eva Van Housen will make the news, hopefully in-time to let referendum voters know what they are letting themselves in for, with #Brexit.

Every one of Mark Collett's posts now attracts hundreds of visitors, with dozens of fellow local Facebook users offering to come down and assist his WS anti-Europe campaign. As yet, he has not been challenged by a single ANTIFA, who seem to have vanished from the streets of a once solidly antifascist city. In the days before the Common Place changed its name, Eddy Morrison, BPP candidate of Bramley, got regularly chased from the streets, even when the Leeds Service Crew were prowling, but sadly, gone are the days when militant antifascists roam the streets of Leeds.

Following the EU referendum vote, Collett will not give up on the weekly platform he has created in Leeds city centre, his weekly stalls almost certainly set to continue as a recruitment platform for Collett's plans for a new BNP-style organisation which he eventually hopes will take over when single issue party UKIP (whom Collett believes is run by Z.O.G), hits the buffers. As and when this happens, Leeds as a thriving, trendy city will have failed big-time.

Expect Mein Kampf to be available in Waterstones, Leeds City Centre, later this year, when the Nazification of Leeds has taken full shape......