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Response to Offensive Post by Phyllis Mervine

Elena Cook | 25.05.2016 17:54 | Bio-technology | Health | Repression

This is a public response to an offensive internet post made by Phyllis Mervine of , in which she implied that Dr. Alan MacDonald would suffer because of an association with me, Elena Cook.

Dear Phyllis Mervine

I am replying to you publicly, as your offensive post regarding Dr MacDonald and myself was made publicly.

You wrote a post implying that Dr. Alan MacDonald would suffer because of an association with me, and that I, according to you, have a "reputation" (your word).

I am one of a number of volunteers supporting Dr. Alan MacDonald's excellent work. Any opinions, articles, letters to Editors, internet posts etc made by me in a personal capacity reflect my views and mine only, not Dr. MacDonald's. Nor have I ever claimed otherwise.

You state that I have a "reputation". This is what I have a reputation for, Phyllis Mervine.

- I have a reputation for publishing reliable and factual evidence that the denial of chronic Lyme Borreliosis, which has caused mass suffering of children and adults
around the world, is primarily the result of a coverup conducted by the US Dept of Defense, and agencies working with it, both in USA and abroad. This arises from
Borrelia's status as a bioweapon, dating back as far as the WW2 era.

- I have a reputation for publishing the above despite serious harassment, libel, attempts to have me permanently incarcerated, and death threats by leading members of the Denialist camp such as Dr Edward McSweegan and his associates.

- I have a reputation for being libelled, and worse, by a relatively small number of Lyme "leaders" who are entrenched in collusion with our enemies. In classic Stratfor strategy manner, their treachery is the price for their being allowed to retain their powerful and sometimes lucrative positions within the patients' movement. (The Stratfor
strategy is a method used worldwide by powerful entities, such as governments and corporations, to destroy grassroots campaigns by co-opting the leaders, ensuring that the campaign bends to their will.

Here is what I DO NOT have a reputation for:

1. I DO NOT have a reputation for holding secret meetings with CDC, then keeping the content and outcome of those meetings secret from the Lyme movement.

2. I DO NOT have a reputation for forcing my colleagues to sign non-disclosure agreements, so as not to be alone in the horrendous crime of collusion. (Incidentally,
it may interest your close colleague Pat Smith, president of LDA to know that agreements signed under pressure are not valid in a court of law.

3. I DO NOT have a reputation for discovering that the Lyme denial is due to a biowarfare-related coverup, then concealing that
fact from the very people I supposedly represent, the Lyme patient community, and embarking instead on a campaign of libel (and worse) against those that try to expose it responsibly, in order to bring it to an end, just as campaigners brought the Agent Orange coverup to an end.

4. I DO NOT have a reputation for taking donated funds from patients hoping for progress, then handing them over to researchers who parrot the Denialist line on testing.

5. I DO NOT have a reputation for promoting and funding the psychiatrist Dr. Brian Fallon, who, ignoring the consensus view of ILADS, (an organisation of Lyme clinicians who have the collective experience of treating tens of thousands of chronic borreliosis patients), has declared the insensitive C6 Elisa (in agreement with Allen Steere) an excellent test. The C6 Elisa is a very poor test. It is what is used here in the UK, where our main Lyme lab returns a rate of 91% negative results.

Should you wish to add any further offensive remarks about me, I will be pleased to give you the address of my lawyer, and you may send them to directly to him.

As for Dr. Alan MacDonald, in the event that the denialists contrive to punish him somehow for his "association" with me, not only I, but his countless supporters will rise to defend him. In that scenario, will you, your close colleague Pat Smith,
director of LDA-US, and Dr Brian Fallon be joining us?

Elena Cook
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