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BREXIT WORKHOUSE @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

ANTIFA WORLDWIDE | 10.05.2016 16:17 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | Liverpool | World

WELCOME TO THE WORKHOUSE, merry Brexiteers. Your sadomasochistic, self-oppressive and ill-thought out wishes about to come true, prepare to turn back the clock to the Victorian times that the Daily Mail made you long for, the pseudo-halcyon days of a quaint but patriotic that never really existed. From the chilling moment a perma-drunken Nigel Farage goosesteps onto the BBC news studio arm in arm with Ian Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson, and celebrates the final and lasting destruction of Britain's poor, indoctrinated working class Sun, Express and Mail turkeys will have lastingly voted for Christmas. Punchdrunk on jingoism, xenophobia and racial hostility, you might feel inclined to join the permanently inebriated Farage and pop open a bottle or three to celebrate the Brexit Reich, thinking you have long since become upwardly mobile ever since completing that self-satisfying little survey about class status in the Mail on Sunday, however, unfortunately for you, earning just over minimum wage, with bills to pay, does not make you upper class.

Once the half-finished blueprint of Thatcherism is seen to completion, with no trade unions to turn to (not that you ever belonged to one, as Rupert Murdoch called Trade Unionists "outdated", and your facebook friends in the EDL and BF called them "traitorous commies"), there will be no safety net to fall into when down and out, your wages slashed, your mortgage in arrears, your divorce leaving your destitute, burglary at an all-time high, with not a penny to your name, comes a knock at the door.

First they deported the Eastern Europeans - without which, Britain's arable farmers were unable to harvest crops, and food packaging factories went bankrupt.

Then they came for all human rights and anti-discrimination laws, which fomented ghettoisation and 1980s style race riots all over again. Not forgetting a large scale resumption of the Troubles in Belfast, complete with internment and torture, which just as Donald Trump wishes, would become fully legal overnight.

Then they came for the Muslims, who, without without human rights protection, discrimination legalised, and supported to the hilt by Murdoch, Dacre and Desmond, the future soon became bleak.

Then, as a pay off to Nigel Farage and his homophobic chums, disguised as a campaign "reversing political correctness", they came for the gays, bisexuals and lesbians.

Then came the night of the long-knives, when the small number of remaining moderates within the 100 years Tory Reich are smeared by the phone-hacking Murdoch press into resignation, the Trumpification of the Tory Party all but complete courtesy of trumped-up tinpot Tory despot, the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.


With no sympathetic human rights legislation to protect the man in the street from being trampled into the dust by global corporations, the future for Brexit Britain is indeed bleak, zero hour contracts becoming the norm. All talk of protectionism vanishing into the haze, British industry was left with nothing to protect, the Brexit Recession was a life sentence seta to last ad infinitum, trade barriers hitting exports hard, small business going to the wall daily, yet, all the while, Britain's multi-billionaires continuing to get richer, not that anyone has time for radical street protest, when the old-school race riots begin, white, Asian and black all pitted against each other while the oppressors laugh all the way to the bank.

Ever glanced at the white supremacist friends of senior UKIP politicians on Twitter and Facebook??? If you have, you won't be surprised when disenfranchised, impoverished minority communities discriminated at the workplace, school gate and ATM, are openly blamed for all crime, and generations of British citizens of ethnic descent are "repatriated" to the lands of their great grandparents - anyone with a dark skin, that is. Tax-evading multinational media moguls will of course, continue to operate in Britain with absolute impunity. It doesn't work like that, and never will do.

There are criminals..... and there are criminals.

Who needs the NF when the Tories become the NF.

In a short time since British independence, EU nations will have exacted swift revenge on British ex-pats, raising taxes and removing access to health care guaranteed to all EU citizens, causing a mass exodus from countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and France, returning Brits loading untenable strain on the NHS, far more costly than the supposed "burden" Polish plumbers or Slovak fruit pickers ever has cost the health service. Taxes (though only for the less well-off) raised, the economy in free-fall, independent retailers closing by the second, bank lending would once again be in turmoil, repossessions at an all-time high, marriages, civil partnerships and co-habiting relationships failing. Homelessness mushrooming beyond all recognition, the Tory Reich will promise to help provide a compassionate, caring and resourceful future for the destitute Brexiteers who voted for their own downfall........


Dickensian an understatement, how the mugs who thwarted their own future, and that of future generations of offspring, wished they had a chance to go back in time like Dickens's A Christmas Carol, back to the day when they happened to glance a copy of the Sun newspaper, and were persuaded, out of fear, loathing and sheer bloody-mindedness, to vote for Britain's exit from Europe (BREXIT). Once Britain leaves Europe, there will be no way back into the safety of a warm and reliable single market bed, for the hoodwinked advocates of a dark, miserable and isolated future.