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ANON ANTIFA | 07.05.2016 14:45 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration | Liverpool | World

IAN ALDERSON, Bradford UKIP committee member and a senior employment advisor with ethnic minority skills and advice group QED Bradford (set up by Mohammed Ali OBE), and a youth and community organiser for the Church of England-funded youth scheme for Eccleshill, has tweeted to serial bigot Katie Hopkins a racial slur aimed at Bradford's Muslim population, using a "goat" analogy (goats a common theme for the often obscene fabrications of the British far right). On Facebook, Alderson is a supporter of neo-Nazi BNP-offshoot "Lionheart GB" and the English Defence League (EDL) anti-Muslim page "Proud To Be Kaffir", alongside plenty of other rightwing pages, including the libellous anti-Labour far right Facebook page "Labour Party Exposed", which calls Labour Party members "traitors and paedophiles". This story is extremely worrying, for Alderson is a trusted senior youth, community and employment worker in Bradford, who helps co-ordinate projects with Bradford Council. The Church of England will also be extremely unhappy to discover Alderson also wants our meagre British budget of 0.7% foreign aid to cease, so starving and wartorn people around the globe will not access life-saving facilities and emergency aid, and will die., which is very #unchristian of Mr Alderson!


Far Right BME Employment Advisor Not Partial To Muslims
Far Right BME Employment Advisor Not Partial To Muslims

Stop Livesaving Foreign Aid - Says Christian Youth Group Leader
Stop Livesaving Foreign Aid - Says Christian Youth Group Leader

Alderson's Fascist Facebook Likes
Alderson's Fascist Facebook Likes

Alderson Supports Jim Dowson's "Lionheart GB" neo-Nazi Group
Alderson Supports Jim Dowson's "Lionheart GB" neo-Nazi Group

Alderson Supports "Proud To Be Kaffir" EDL extreme racist community
Alderson Supports "Proud To Be Kaffir" EDL extreme racist community

Alderson Supports Racist Far Right "Labour Party Exposed" Group
Alderson Supports Racist Far Right "Labour Party Exposed" Group

QED work with Asian and BME communities to help encourage disadvantaged communities to increase employment prospects, and it is extremely alarming and disturbing that somebody of Alderson's stature tweets racial slurs against the very communities he is meant to be assisting the employment prospects of. Accusing Bradford's Muslims of electoral fraud, backing up Katie Hopkins hatred and lies about the London Election with similar lies about Bradford, and furthermore a supporter of BNP-offshoot Lionheart GB and an EDL anti-Muslim page, Founder and Chief Executive of QED Mohammed Ali would be outraged to learn one of his key employees is a fascist and a Muslim-hater. He would be horrified, in-fact. Alderson does not like Muslims or Islam.

Mohammed Ali was has participated in seminars and conferences in Europe, Canada and Asia on ethnic minority integration issues, and became a doctorate of Bradford University in 2012 for his anti-discrimination work.

Please alert and warn QED, the Church of England and Bradford Council.

This is an EXTREMELY URGENT matter - as Alderson has contact with young people both Asian and white through his work and voluntary capacity, and he must be investigated ASAP by his employers. Any member of far right groups who works with diverse communities in multicultural Bradford or similar cities, is unfit for his or her job.

Furthermore, Alderson is yet another fascist in the EDL, who Nigel Farage does not seem concerned about: -

Alderson is named as an official member of Bradford's UKIP group: -

The link to his offensive Islamophobic hate-tweet slurring Bradford's Muslim communities of electoral fraud: -

Ian Alderson's Facebook Account with its far right / Islamophobic links: -

Lionheart GB is a BNP offshoot set up by Jim Dowson from Belfast, former bankroller of the BNP and funder of Britain First

EDL-run page "Proud To Be Kaffir" - full of extreme hatred towards Muslims: -

The libellous far right anti-Labour party smear page he is a member of: "Labour Party Exposed".....

Q.E.D: -


Quest House

38 Vicar Lane



0300 500 1000

ian Alderson is a senior Employment facilitator at QED Bradford, which is extremely worrying.

He helps organise Sorted Youth Congregation for Eccleshill, an organisation funded by donations from the Diocese of West Yorkshire.

The Bradford office is located at:
Kadugli House
Elmsley Street
West Yorkshire
BD20 6SE
Tel - 01535 650555

Also contact local anti-racist and antifascist organisations in Bradford and West Yorkshire about Alderson's vile racism and far right organisational support.

Also contact the media - Telegraph & Argus Newspaper to expose him!

*Anonymous Antifa are active throughout the UK including Manchester Leeds Liverpool Birmingham Derby Nottingham, London and Scotland exposing far right members in public life to protect the UK from hate*.