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#ALERTA #ANTIFA: #BLUEHAND #SNUFF #PORN @slatukip @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @JLRFB

ANTIFA ONLINE | 05.05.2016 13:53 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | South Coast | World

ONLINE neo-Nazi cult #BLUEHAND have begun tweeting racist snuff porn, including photos of beheaded children and babies, including, self-defeatingly, tagging in Twitter support in the self-defence of banned pub singer from Liverpool, "Les" Seavor, who threatened to violently assault female Twitter users. Posting such pictures is against UK law, so most of the #Bluehand Snuff Porn gang are American patriotic "soccer moms", who believe the First Amendment will stop them from being arrested, much like American "freedom of speech" regulations permit the sharing of paedophilia photographs. If the law won't stop racists posting pictures of beheaded Muslims including babies on Twitter, because American laws are an absolute ass, Twitter has a moral obligation to ban such individuals who post such vile pictures of dead bodies online, including dead Muslim kids, the evil neo-nazi scum!

Anybody who posts a picture of a beheaded baby (or adult) on social media, is an absolute disgrace to humanity. The mere fact that self-declared voters of Donald Trump think it is perfectly acceptable to share snuff porn, should serve as a warning to anybody who thinks the comparison between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump is not legitimate.


Racist snuff porn postings on social media serve two purposes - one, to indoctrinate weak-minded individuals, including low IQ males, into believing far right lies that all Muslims are potential Islamist murderers, and secondly, to allow members of nationalist communities like #bluehand to jerk off to the blood and gore of real-life murdered Muslims, knowing full well all the faux-shock and horror of seeing dead Muslim victims of ISIS will not cause fascists to shed a single tear for the victims - for being Muslims.

If you are a hardline Christian extremist (as many of the female American #bluehand extremists are, many professing their "love of Jesus Christ" on the very same profiles that "hate their (Muslim) neighbours"), in a very un-Christian way, you will regard all Muslims as being sub-human, just like ISIS do for non-Muslims. The only difference being, ISIS do not wank over pictures of beheaded Muslims like the likes of the self-styled James Bond and friends do, which says all you need to know about the far right. Stuck behind a keyboard, fascist scum love to wank over dead Muslim bodies (see cartoon)!

The moment #bluehand racists share photos of beheaded Muslims, is the moment the frustrated male perverts of #bluehand get their cocks out beneath their computer desks, and tug away, wishing they were desecrating dead Muslim bodies with their bodily fluids.


When the time finally comes for UK police forces to do mass raids on the dirty old men who join bluehand to get their kicks from racism and snuff porn, have their hard drives and laptops raided, most will be found in possession of criminal child pornography. Sickos work together in rings, and there is every reason to suggest that instead of just being purely an online worldwide neo-nazi link-up (pretending to love Israel), #Bluehand also serves as an online paedophile ring, friendless loners sharing pictures of abused children.