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Freedom for our comrade arrested on the 13A in Barcelona

Solidarity 13 April | 04.05.2016 18:45 | Repression

A call to Solidarity with our comrade arrested last 13 of April in Barcelona. We must stop the extradition.

On Wednesday 13th April a police operation took place in Barcelona, on a warrant issued by the Audiencia Nacional (a special superior court in Madrid), at the request of a German Judge. Three houses were searched, (one of them the Social Centre, “Blokes Fantasma”) and one person was arrested, accused of having participated in a bank robbery in Germany.

She was taken to the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid, by order of a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) applied for by a German Court. The EAW not only contemplates her arrest, but also her extradition to Germany. The Spanish Judge, Eloy Velasco, has ordered that she remain in custody in Soto del Real Prison, until the appeals against her extradition are resolved.

The judicial procedures contemplated by mechanisms like the EAW amount to repressive cooperation between states, increasing their powers to lay siege, search homes, jail, repress and persecute.

We want to express all our support for the woman arrested and to all those close to her. We defend all forms of expropriation and reappropriation that aim to recover what capitalism is constantly taking from us.

The German State, in connivance with the Spanish State, is responsible for this latest repression, and we are calling for rallies outside German Consulates and Embassies to stop the extradition of our compañera.

Freedom for our jailed companion in Madrid.
Stop the extradition process.

We will not be domesticated. We will not be muzzled. Solidarity in rebellion.

Solidarity 13 April