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#ALERTA #ANTIFA: LES SEAVOR @slatukip @dubdanu @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

ANTIFA MERSEYSIDE | 28.04.2016 15:46 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Liverpool

YOU cannot get much totally and utterly repulsive than the homophobe from Merseyside, who makes no attempt to hide his location and life from the internet, his home address readily accessible on and many other websites, handy for when the cops come calling, swinging a pair of handcuffs ready for use. Seavor is a talentless failed pub singer who apparently suffered a clout to the head, some years back, with a full whisky bottle while attempting to sing Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes. Anyone wanting to take the piss out of Seavor need only logon to talent auditioning site and pretend they are an agent looking for a semi-professional singer, and Les will send you hilarious recordings of his appalling voice.

Even more funny, pretend you are a landlord of a local pub, and invite the racist, homophobic former public schoolboy from Huyton to attend an open mic night - you will not keep a straight face - guaranteed. Try this - and laugh non-stop for evermore.

Far more appalling than his dreadful singing, is Seavor's horrific homophobia. At one moment, he is publicly severing links with his fellow genocidal racist Katie Hopkins on Twitter for not wishing to see gay people dead, something @ublocks make no bones about - one minute pretending there is no such thing as homophobia, the next, doing his best anti-gay Alf Garnett impression, reeling off a long list of homophobic hate words, much to the delight of his #bluehand online fascist cult, whilst coming out and proud - declaring himself to be a "proud homophobe".

There is no such thing as either Islamophobia or homophobia in @ublocks diseased mind, however 67 year old Les revels in the dark recesses of his warped, sick mind. Whenever the inhumane former public schoolboy and failed pub singer comes across pictures of dead refugees or Muslims, he gets off, self-pleasuring himself unabashed into a wad of tissue with sheer delight.

Anybody reading this, mass report the infamous @ublocks account so it is removed by for hate speech, as this will well and truly make the anti-gay nazi loner throw an effeminate hissy fit.