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ANTIFA | 17.04.2016 15:52 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | Liverpool | World

Whilst everyone else in the British far right movement gets their heads down, and quietly gets on with it, when jailed, Stephen Yaxley Lennon made an almighty song and a dance of the remote possibility of jail looming, whilst brainwashed little Tommyites emptied their pockets for their money-grabbing Fuhrer. Tommy Robinson is a crybaby, coward and charlatan intent upon playing the martyr at each and every juncture, however in the eyes of the sub-intelligent Pegida faithful, he is God, Julius Caesar and Superman all rolled into one. Not a single penny of the Free Tommeh Tit Fund was returned to donors. Once Tommy was found innocent, his emboldened cheerleaders "Team Tommy" berated everybody not paying up, well aware that Tommy needs far more quids available, to keep on dealing cocaine.

Members of the British Far Right who failed to dance to the beat of the Yaxo Drum, were castigated by "Team Tommy" for being tight, and not "growing a pair", coming from a lily-livered scaredepants who has always ran away from trouble, whilst, grassing up everyone in sight, leaving his footsoldiers stuck head-first in the firing line. We have heard the expression "too many cooks spoil the broth", however in UK fascist circles, too many fuhrers ruin the master race. And spoil it, they do. The National Front currently overshadowing Pegida `in terms of controversy and headline gathering, especially when they have the NWI and National Action in toe, and tweet vile anti-Semitism, knowing full well Islamophobia is becoming old hat, especially when tabloid overkill about over-hyped Islamophobic documentary programmes is all the Pegida / EDL lot can muster.

The EDL didn't gain notoriety by going on silent marches with sellotape stuck to their mouths - they gained headlines by exchanging punches with antifascists, bad behaviour capitalising upon the excesses of football hooliganism with a series of violent, loud-mouthed confrontations which made the wider public (though condemning) sit up and take notice to an otherwise incomprehensible Muslamic Rayguns message. Like a discarded can of pop that has gone flat, fat wasp Stephen Yaxley Lennon still poking his nose in, as the bubbles vanish, the purely Islamophobic far right has lost its lure, and nowadays, merely crawls along in the trail of Richard Desmond's piss, failing to ignite any sparks which can drive fear down the spine of mainstream society. Furthermore, though even more miniscule than Pegida, Shitain First are a tad more likely to trade blows with opponents, even if they take a battering outside East London mosques.

The EDL, like the BNP before them, pretended to be counterculture to muster support from violent extreme rightwing types intent upon igniting riots fuelled through alcohol, and yet, the far right's latest incarnation as Tommy Robinson's failed Pegida is unexciting to say the least, the most Pegida can muster is anti-Islam soundbites regurgitated from UKIP and the Daily Mail., whilst still claiming to "go against the grain". Parroting the mainstream political rhetoric of the hard right, has ensured that Pegida will always follow and not lead, and at best, will be a refined, tedious moneymaking scam intent not upon destroying the streets with violent controversy, but merely with flaccid-anti-Muslim speeches that everybody had heard before. Breitbart's support of Pegida, might persuade a handful of kippers to attend, however their fundamentalist USA Republican party / Thatcherite politic is a turn off to so many potential new recruits to British street fascism.

Open a newspaper, turn on BBC, Sky or Channel Four, and read all about it - Muslims being demonised every hour of every day in a constant onslaught of drip-fed pro-establishment hate. At one time, knowing mainstream conservatism had begun to target their current "enemy", would have led to simultaneous hands down pants, tugging away at many a fascist micropenis, but now anti-Muslim hate is everywhere, it it no longer exciting in the least. Glimpsing at the caustic hatred of anti-Muslim racist media baron Richard Desmond's toilet paper rags brings momentary relief to the middle-aged former Pie and Mash hooligan, but no outstanding rapture of pure excitement as in the early days of the EDL. Pegida Dresden, was established by a gang of football hooligans linking up with ex-Berlin Wall veterans, to encourage aggressive street opposition to Angela Merkel, and ultimately, Anti-Muslim nazi-style pogroms, however their British counterparts are all trousers and no mouth, and lack the bite of the National Front NA / NWI / NEI / SEA and such groups in their love to march down the streets doing nothing.

British politics is always boring, no matter the persuasion, which is reflected in the continued refusal of many young people in this country, not just refusing to vote, but a reluctance to be registered, much to the disappointment of Hope Not Hate. Even counter-revolutionary marches need to give an air of anti-establishment, but when the establishment of conservatism that is the Daily Mail says all the EDL and Pegida could ever say to demonise Muslims, and reading the paper takes far less effort than marching, it does not take a degree in rocket science to understand how Pamela Geller-funded Islamophobic street fascism is heading nowhere fast.

The radical fringe of anti-radicalism, who love to get stuck in with boots, fists and missiles, reject the wet blankets that are absolutely pointless Pegida marches, preferring to seek out the excitement of confrontation with antifascists wherever they can get it, in places such as Dover. How the former EDL splinters long for the "good old days" when they can wave golliwogs in public, and can pick fights with Irish and black people. as well as chanting inanely about Muslims and immigrants, as do many ex-BNPers, such as their fake lawyer Lee Barnes, who wants Pegida to become vocally anti-black, to cause maximum controversy.

As dull as ditch-water, lacking excitement, Tommeh Tit's latest incarnation of the EDL's "street movement", has the mass appeal of a constipated bowel movement. In his two previous marches, buckets have been out in force, and will even more in prevalence as this most faithful street marching stalwarts begin to say "WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT?"

Waving "Vote Trump" banners on the streets of Rotherham is sure to have drunken young fascist oiks who seek the adrenalin of street violence flocking to Pegida - NOT!

Back in the day, the mere letters "B N P" on the ballot box caused horror and revulsion, their fiercely despicable neo-Nazi reputation under Tyndall spurring on thugs who caused a flurry of racial attacks when elected in their dozens in Burnley, however once steel toe capped jackboots gave way to moth-eaten suits, UKIP-style, like Nigel Farage's lot, Nick Griffin's BNP sought refuge up its own rear passage, becoming so authoritarian and politically dogmatic, even the most faithful BNPers stopped attending tedious council meetings, the unenviable task of autocratically racialising dog poop and parking restrictions turning away rank and file members in their droves. Likewise, Pegida UK is doomed, thanks to Pamela Geller and the political dullishness of her tea party outreach, as their ignoramus bonehead British demographic don't do hard Political street rallies, especially without mind-numbing quantities of drugs and alcohol.

Participatory fascist politics is always, and forever will be, DEAD in Britain!