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Oberlin College Comes Under Hostile Attack from Israeli-Firster Websites

Will Be Gnome | 10.04.2016 23:01 | Analysis | Repression

Recently David Gerstman of the Tower Blog (actually called “The Israel Project’s The Tower blog”) attacked the entire liberal arts Oberlin campus in Ohio as being lax on anti-Semitism because he doesn’t like what “one” of the college’s assistant professors wrote on her own personal face book page. Ironically Joy Karega, the alleged anti-Semite, was not really criticizing Jews in general, per se, but mostly what can be defined as some dirty politics of the State of Israel that is terrorist in nature. But conflating criticism of Zionists as supposed to mean anti-Semitism in general is what many propagandists are deliberately trying to d0—confuse various forms of debate in order to create a freeze on any negative criticism of the Zionist project in Israel as State for Jews or their Zionist influence here in America.

Oberlin College Comes Under Hostile Attack from Israeli-Firster Websites

By Truth Be Gnome:

Note: three related essays herein—first most imminent—other two related with much relevant background information.

Recently David Gerstman of the Tower Blog (actually called “The Israel Project’s The Tower blog”) attacked the entire liberal arts Oberlin campus in Ohio as being lax on anti-Semitism because he doesn’t like what “one” of the college’s assistant professors wrote on her own personal face book page.

Ironically Joy Karega, the alleged anti-Semite, was not really criticizing Jews in general, per se, but mostly what can be defined as some dirty politics of the State of Israel that is terrorist in nature. But conflating criticism of Zionists as supposed to mean anti-Semitism in general is what many propagandists are deliberately trying to d0—confuse various forms of debate in order to create a freeze on any negative criticism of the Zionist project in Israel as State for Jews or their Zionist influence here in America.

Joy Karega apparently posted, according to another pro-Zionist website The Daily Beast (“Why Are Oberlin Students So Silent About Anti-Semitism?” by Emily Shires) remarks more or less saying Mossad and the CIA are behind ISIS, Netanyahu is a terrorist, and the Rothchild banking system controls U.S. news, media, oil and government.

But before addressing this so-called conspiracy theorist mindset it is more important to address an issue all people affiliated with college campuses around the country need to become aware, of an actual propaganda conspiracy that is happening.

Likely most people affiliated with Oberlin College have little understanding of the ‘amassed’ armada of Zionist resources and people who motivated by the Israeli government and many zealous Zionists here in United States to undermine free speech on college campuses today—if the subject is critical of Israel, Zionism, Jewishness, or any related politics that shed unfavorable light to what actually is Israel’s ‘ethnocentric’ and too often criminal politics. This is why it was necessary to point out Gerstman’s blog is actually called “Israel’s Project the Tower blog” (as a biased source of opinion and some disinformation). See related article: “Free speech for all on campus! Unless you’re criticizing Israel, that is: Speech critical of Israel is increasingly being suppressed, voices silenced -- along with charges of anti-Semitism” by avid Palumbo-Liu at:

Recently the University of California went through a similar ordeal of exaggerated allegations of what is too broadly called ‘anti-Semitism’ and supposedly related Jewish students feeling fear on campuses (as quite a subjective and elastic an experience as one could imagine).

But the Anti-Semitism canard is now being played on campuses around the country, as a growing fad of Zionist intimidation, via some God-like presumption of having all the right facts as thus being the ultimate authority on such matters, and then using guilt-trips and shame tactics to gain questionable goals that are not just overt but also covert.

One real goal of this fanatical enterprise is to get to a point in which no one is allowed to accuse Israel, Zionists or Jews of anything unethical. Negative and serious accusations are branded and thought ‘anti-Semitism”. So if you actually and seriously suspect Israel was involved in 9/11 and you state such an opinion in any public forum, or quasi-public forum such as your face book page, then suddenly you are anti-Semitic.

People really need to understand how extremist this psychology is—this is to say that not only are Jews in Israel repressing the rights of Palestinians there but they are motivating fellow Zionists here in our country to destroy our civil rights to free speech here in the United States. And this should not surprise many because in truth, by far, most Israelis do not give a bat’s eyelid about most Americans—rather what they care about is how they can exploit U.S. resources for their country’s gain—even at the expense of what is in the best interest of most Americans (and even if their values are sometimes diametrically opposed).

You see enough quality investigation journalists have found Israel to have engaged in criminal and terrorist events—including 9/11 (and the amount of evidence is overwhelming for those who dare do their research—that is who do their due diligence).

No one accusing Muslims of 9/11 are being accused of being anti-Muslimism (and maybe that would be more appropriate)? In fact some who first started to blame Osama bin Ladin and 19 Muslim high-jackers were Zionists (and what actually is a Zionist dominated American media whether it has to do with Rothchild or not).

Why is no one in higher education calling for a gag order on blaming Muslims for that attack? Why have so few learned that the supposed video showing Osama bin Laden to have taken responsibility for 9/11 was a faked video (and poor in quality at that)? In fact he deliberately denied being involved in it.

Why then the usual one-way assumptive attitude Israel can do no wrong, and anyone who accuses Israel of wrong doing is automatically portrayed as perniciously a social outcaste and not operating within some outline of acceptable discourse?

David Gerstman refers to Karega hypertext link to a Minister Louis Farrakhan video in which he is preaching to a congregation of Muslims and making the case Israel was behind 9/11 (as he cites investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn as his source of knowing this to be true). But what Mr. Gerstman and his co-conspirator Emily Shire at the Daily Beast are hoping is that their readers will just take such opinions as casting aspersions on Farrakhan will be taken at face value—big mistake for readers because Christopher Bollyn has written two definitive books about how Israel was behind 9/11 and his case is well documented. Readers can find plenty of his documentation at his website www.Bollyn.Com or they can google his name and find several videos of his talks (definitely worth checking out).

Nevertheless another real and far-reaching goal of fanatical Zionists is to set a norm (or law if necessary) on campuses and throughout this culture that anyone who accuses Israel of 9/11 is a not only deluded and just plain wrong but is also an anti-Semite (regardless of the true value to the statement).

If Christopher Bollyn and other investigative journalists of his persuasion are wrong then their research should be refutable. But instead of demanding debates on the merits of the case they are trying to outlaw any discussion about such an allegation on some holier-than-thou assumption you are criticizing the one country that thinks itself and its behaviors sacred (and above the law). Therefore no one has the right to question the Zionist version of events.

Still this is a very difficult situation for many Jews and Zionists to be in—because most do not know the truth that Israel was behind 9/11 (and frankly many do not want to know). Rather they want to accept the Zionist media dominated story we all were fed from day one. Furthermore they, 99.99% of world Jewry, were never informed by insiders of the Likud party in Israel and NeoCon insiders here that they were going to covertly engage in such a crime. So 99% are left to feel vulnerable, and led to assume they need to defend something they truly do not understand (and even if they do understand they were not asked or told ahead of time (they are just expected to live with the aftermath like the rest of the world)).

And if you doubt that Israel was agent of 9/11 feel free to google “Israel behind 9/11’ or “Israel did 9/11” or some similar worded search and you will find all kinds of stuff the mainstream media never discusses. And you should especially check out the essays and videos produced or related to Christopher Bollyn (and his books) and you will likely realize there is little debate as to who was really behind this act of terrorism.

But this is not a fact many people want to contemplate or acknowledge. Yet it is a fact nevertheless. And so if a college professor alleges it to be a fact that does not make her anti-Semitic and it is “not” inappropriate for her to have asserted such a statement on her facebook page—no matter how much it bothers other people who think they know better (or who are trying to have her punished or make it a crime for her to have her right to free speech).

Yet this is exactly what some bloggers and journalists and Jewish students are trying to do to Professor Joy Karega, who teaches as assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at Oberlin Ohio—stop her from asserting her right to accuse a different party of a crime and act of war against her home country. Had she accused ‘any’ other country or group likely few people would be making a big deal about it?

Further we should note that Zionism did not start out as a religious movement rather it was secular and Marxist-leaning. In fact many modern Jews today, and many who founded Israel, do not even believe in the ancient Judaic religion—even as they pretend to believe in scriptural “war propaganda” that claimed some tribal God ‘told’ Moses it was alright for his ancient Hebrew people to kill off the several other tribes already living on Canaan thousands of years ago because this supposed God was giving them that already pre-occupied land?

This whole biblical fairy tale is based on distortion and murder even in the first books of the Torah—which is enough reason alone to question the ethics of Zionism—and the right to be critically and assertively “anti-Zionist!”

People have a right to be against the idea of a Jewish state anywhere on the planet as they have a right to be against any religious state or any political philosophy.

However another major goal of Israelis and Zionists in their Campus Crusades is to get people to equate the term “anti-Semitic” with “anti-Zionist” (which is not the same thing no matter how much and how adamantly some argue it to be the same thing). And this is the insinuation in their attack on Joy Karega.

Detailed discussions of these matters have been discussed well in some other essays—notably two regarding the recent politics of exaggerated accusations of anti-Semitism of campuses of the University of California. So rather than summarize those well documented explanations (as these relevant issues are more complicated and ‘intriguing’ than initially meets the eye) it is better to refer to them—they explain that situation rather well. Read the following:

1) “Some Zionists Are Using Exaggerated Hysteria to Destroy Free Speech on UC Campuses” by Grady Grip and

2) “No place for anti-free-speech rules on our campuses” by Citizen Sane

Both these essays are on the Internet somewhere (however it seems one or two common search engines have hidden access to one or both of them (for political reasons)). Still it is strongly recommended to all people who really want to understand the deeper politics to plenty campus tirades about anti-Semitism to study them (and related hypertext links within them) because there is a ‘lot’ of background knowledge and awareness to get caught up on, and they specifically list some of the ‘many’ major players involved (and money) with the motive to kill free speech on American colleges (as this truly is a concerted effort in which strong strings are being pulled all the way from Israel and equally by powerful elderly Zionists here who don’t even attend college anywhere).

One realization you will then learn is that NUMEROUS websites and Zionist organizations have been set up for this principle purpose of killing free speech on American campuses and culture if any speech is critical of Israeli behavior or the idea of Zionism in general. It is based on fear-mongering and too often amounts to finger pointing slander.

This then is a political problem for the entire higher education system of the United States. And what is particularly troubling is that there is a lot of hidden history regarding Zionism that Americans ought to be discovering and learning—because there have been other propaganda wars of deceit to hide injustice and crime.

See related article: “Glenn Greenwald Confronts American “Liberals” Trying to Destroy Free Speech: Fascist academic authoritarians try to convince the Americans to relinquish First Amendment rights in the name of fighting ISIS” by Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg - December 30, 2015 at: In this case you have a Jewish legal lawyer and a prominent Jewish politician arguing against free speech (again related to the Zionist war against their Muslim enemies).

A third major goal of white hat Zionists, who see anti-Semitism under every rock, is to kill the BDS movement (boycott/ divest/ and sanctions) on college campuses. To learn more about his subject just google “BDS on college campuses” and several videos will get you up to date (and you can see that even the highest levels of Israel are directly involved).

And you can see, it if you look at various documents on the Internet critical of Ms. Joy Karega, that some are very much about criticizing and hopefully suppressing the BDS movement at Oberlin College. However they are using the Karega ‘angle’ to make all kinds of other insinuations about Jews not feeling safe on campus, etc., but including direct references to the BDS movement there.

When Zionists have three goals, as discussed, they can approach their activism of creating political hysteria about anti-Semitism from a variety of approaches. And certainly if Israel was behind 9/11 they would and do most definitely want to quell that message (and stop it from creating awareness).

Now regarding her accusation Mossad and CIA are behind ISIS, there is a lot of evidence found on the Internet that shows ISIS has in fact been supported (in many ways) by the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In fact if you google: “video fake ISIS beheadings” or a similar search you will see clear evidence those supposed journalist beheadings were faked covertly to arouse anger and fear in Americans and people like Donald Trump (while the mainstream media that reported them never bothered to investigate their veracity, the sources, or their legitimacy; but took them at face value. Moreover some of these fake videos were specifically created by a Mossad website called SITE Intelligence Inc.

So again Joy Karega is ‘not’ doing anything wrong by accusing Israel as being behind ISIS. In the alternative news world on the Internet ‘many’ investigative journalists have learned the creation of ISIS was an accuse for Israel-friendly countries to take out the Bashar Assad regime of Syria (which is what the United States was really doing—backing rebels against the democratically elected leader of Syria—not because Syria has any real significance to 99% Americans—but rather because Israel and Saudi Arabia want him overthrown.

It is only because of naiveté and learned ignorance of most Americans (including college people and professors) via the routine dishonesty of the mainstream media that the American public can be cowed into believing an assistant college professor should somehow be punished and ostracized for being critical of Israelis and Benjamin Netanyahu (one of the real perpetrators of 9/11).

This whole attack an assistant professor is a charade based on the ability of Zionist to dominate our ideas of whom has done what to whom (decades of propaganda). We have been brainwashed to believe Muslims committed 9/11 but such an allegation has never been proven and the FBI has never accused Osama bin Laden of committing 9/11 on their website.

Even regarding World War 2 there is room to question the official Zionist dominated version of events, and whether there ever was any real plan to exterminate all Jews (or whether there were really gas chambers meant to kill people rather than delouse lice to prevent typhus in those concentrated quarters).

In a free country people have a right to espouse radical ideas, and ideas that seem crazy or deluded. Zionists have managed to get some countries in Europe to actually outlaw variant versions of World War 2 (the so-called ‘revisionists’ histories or “Holocaust denial” explanations (yet some of these explanations are based on a lot of factual and sound research).

Since they are more afraid of the truth getting out of the bag their tactics amount to making it illegal for saying things they do not like (even if what is said is true). If the official Zionist version of story is so correct there should be no problem refuting alternative versions in actual debates—but the problem is debates get people thinking about things they never thought about before and simply did not know. They open up new ways of seeing things and this is what some are afraid of—they might realize the Nazis were not hell bent on killing Jews (but such a belief was a major psychological weapon of guilt to use as modus operandi for getting the Western world to go along with the creation of Israel).

A few professors have already lost jobs in the United States because they have been critical of Israel. Their tactic is to scare people into self-censorship for fear of losing one’s job or promotion.

But we Americans need to remain vigilant of our free speech rights. Israelis and fanatical Zionists do not care about our free speech rights. They would just as soon take away such rights so that the Israelis can continue to engage in war crimes and crimes against humanity and Americans would not be allowed to say anything about it. This is the extreme truth of what they are trying to do: it is not an exaggeration.

To give you an idea of how radical this is you can learn that, in essays already referenced, Zionists now have created all manner of websites meant to record and document everything seemingly critical of Israel and everyone who says something. It is now becoming a major witch hunt as if some hegemonic institution like the Middle Ages Catholic Church was behind it with specific books written by Vatican experts on how to determine who is a witch (and how to properly punish).

And this is why it is critical to have statements such as this one done anonymously—otherwise you are identified and punished in various ways—such as people trying to get you fired, harassed, hated, attacked, etc. (it’s a form of reverse hate psychology that acts as if it were clean and legitimate). But it is not any of the sort. Rather it is a form of “psychological warfare” and especially meant to manipulate the naïve and emotionally vulnerable.

This is another reason why Oberlin is being singled out by websites like The Daily Beast and the equally pro-Zionist Tower blog—because such an institution already had a reputation for hyper-political correctness and self-centered-white-guilt. They already know there are plenty willing to grovel with guilt just because they are goyim and white and Christian. Such people are ready for the self-flagellation of pathetic masochism. Such a community of young and too often naïve minds can be a prime target for sanctimonious hostility stirred against a lone assistant professor (who their question claim is protecting as hold-out because she also has of black skin—meaning she is not as much politically correct bait—but just another bogus assertion insinuating their case against her should be obvious to the color blind). But how about they don’t want feel things are as black and white as what a smug argument might allege?

Supposedly all resident self-righteousness of this critically correct college campus is supposed to snatch Ms. Frankenstein and haul her to be burned at the stake while a parade of self-righteous pitch forks goad her? Did we not get the litany of all the other “harpy/carpy” back biting regarding political correctness on this “liberal” campus as mirror to such an ‘obvious’ social sinner?

Rather it time “liberal” institutions take a more serious look at what the word ‘liberal’ really once meant—something beyond the constant Zionist tendency to see their own as most victimized (ethnic group that readily uses the Holocaust guilt-trip card and the ‘anti-Semitic’ card to emotionally bully whoever and whatever until they get their way (irrespective of what happens to other people).

If and when people really study the deeper truths to the entire history of Zionist movement over the last hundred and fifty years they begin to see “many” people have been victimized by it as a movement, and by the terrorist acts it has inspired including the many millions of Muslims killed in the mere last ten years because of our illegal invasions into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria (and their war they and their NeoCon-men want with Iran).

And we haven’t even mentioned the Palestinians. When the phony ISIS beheading videos (google: ‘fake James Foley beheading’) started coming out it was right after Israel engaged in 51 days of terrorist killing of Palestinians in the summer of 2014 in which they committed pretty much every form of terrorist and war crime imaginable.

Why is it OK for Israelis to engage again, and again and again, decade after decade, in fiercely vicious war crimes against the original inhabitants of Palestine—like a bunch of psychopaths that they are and we Americans are cringing behind the skirts of political correctness—only because we are shallow, cowardly, and naïve?

If more people really had a clue of the truth of how things have played out regarding Zionism then Zionists would not dare come up with all these political correct whining and scare tactics or actually expect to get away with them (obviously they have worked in the past). Nor would they allow the Jews of Israel to engage in so many war crimes and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians that “they” want to push into the sea.

There is a reason why there is political anger and protests on American campuses by Muslim groups—it is because they should be making noise about what is going on—and too bad if Jews and Israelis don’t like it.

We Americans have a right to hear Muslims’ point of view. In fact we have a duty to hear it. Zionists already dominate our foreign policy in Washington D.C. Now AIPAC is getting supposedly our Presidential candidates to condemn the BDS movement! We need to stop outlawing what Israelis don’t like. This is our country. Zionist who have a problem with real free speech can move to Israel.

Reality is a hard truth for many Homo sapiens. At best our species occasionally grasped for it—but hardly clutching that much of it. Still one conspiracy theory you can depend on—people will use whatever vulnerability is available to get their way.

Some colleges have a tradition of political activism. In the 1960s and 1970s students fought for the right to free speech—now students are naïve and fight for safe zones where people do not feel offended on politically correct matters. Why are tax dollars being used to pay for such superficial mindsets and head-in-the-sand cowardliness in which peoples’ ears are so sensitive they can’t bear to hear things they don’t want to hear?

Where is the soul and courage to be human? Where is there a right to speak truth to power? Enough of Zionism domination of the American culture. If they don’t like what other people are saying then they can fight back with their own arguments that they are required to work so to create (as they already dominate the mainstream media). I thought Jews were proud of how intelligent and articulate and learned they were to other races? Well then why don’t they prove it?

Israel and Zionism does not own America. They do pretty much already own our politicians. They do have a great deal of influence in the country—far more than their statistical minority status. But we can’t let them further destroy or civil rights. Or we will continue to be bleed to fight their wars and give financial aid to their causes to no benefit to our own tax payers. This is not something they simple deserve.

Let us hope the people of Ohio listen to what happened in California—despite the huge effort on the part of certain Zionists to change the rules on the campuses of the University of California. There were people making noise behind the scenes about this threat to free speech.

They attempted to get anti-Zionism equated to anti-Semitism as they tried to get a very biased State Department definition of anti-Semitism adapted but failed. (And notice no one seems to care about any ‘anti-Americanism’ such as when Zionist interests are actually working against most Americans’ interest or the real national security of the United States.)

The editorial department of the Los Angeles Times stepped in with a well-articulated statement “UC’s intolerance policy” printed March 23, 2016 in which they specifically argued anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are often two different things whereas to argue otherwise is dishonest and would quell the right to free speech for all students.

The UC Board of Regents declined to endorse a statement that equated anti-Zionism as a form of discrimination; however it still approved some report that supposedly decried “anti-Semitic forms” of the political ideology which challenges Israel’s right to exist on land claimed by Palestinians. In another words they did equate one form of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism?

The University of California has no right to do this because people “everywhere” have a right to oppose a Jewish State in Palestine, and “no” authority in California should have some right to call such an anti-Zionist sentiment as anti-Semitic political ideology—the statement then seems a contradiction to speak from both sides the mouth.

The College of Oberlin needs to respond to this latest scare tactic by Zionists with some calm and collective contemplation. Zionists are trying to create panic and confusion by using all manner of screams about righteousness. They want a quick and fearful response.

Everyone there is expected to fall into servile pleas for mercy from these sanctimonious task masters. Meanwhile they think it is there job to decide who and who is not a racist—and of course it is always the ‘other’ people who are the shallow victimizers—never themselves.

It is time for a new outlook. It is time for Americans to assert their civil rights. If this was England some centuries earlier they would be burning the Magna Carta—because the idea of friendship and respect between Israel and the United States is joke—it doesn’t exist. Frankly they care if average Americans have any rights at all.

We need to care about ourselves because no one else will. Wake up and die right. Amen.

Will Be Gnome