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ANTIFA NEWS | 09.04.2016 16:11 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | Birmingham | South Coast

The moment Stephen Yaxley Lennon, the UK organiser of Pegida, starts talking about law and order, accusing Muslims of being criminals who mistreat women badly, is the moment the ironymeter explodes, for when it comes to a woman-assaulting career criminal who dodged justice all his life, look no further than Tommeh Tit himself. The former leader of the EDL who joined the neo-Nazi BNP with a family membership before setting up the EDL, was convicted on 18 April 2005 for a horrific ultra-violent assault upon his partner Jenna Vowles. A police officer tried to shield Jenna from Lennon's brutal punches and kicks, and himself got kicked in the head. Found guilty of actual bodily harm, the woman-hating fascist thug was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with three additional months for his attempt to resist arrest.

Ethics was never the strongpoint of Lennon, originally from Wilstead, Bedfordshire, for when he took control of the EDL, he stole the identity of a dead Luton Town football hooligan (a real one not a fake like himself), "Tommy Robinson", shamelessly usurping the name of a legendary local casual for his own ends and means, without permission. The real Mr Robinson's family were never consulted about his stolen identity, for Lennon does what Lennon wants with absolutely no thought of the consequences. That's the way this despicable violent fiend operates. Tommeh speaks with forked tongue and acts in a way befitting of the lowest of the low......

Tommeh Tit constantly abuses the the principle of loyalty. From the exact moment Lennon saw pound signs before his eyes, was the time he began selling out his comrades for cash. When the fortunes of the EDL began to wane, merchandising income on the slide, Lennon's rivals within the power-crazed leadership of the EDL began to be arrested for all manner of crimes, non-racially motivated offences that only Tommeh could have known about. During his speech in an EDL rally in Peterborough, all of a sudden, he took to the microphone, praising the police, from an original standpoint of being anti-police, which should have set alarm bells ringing amongst the fascist faithful. When exactly Tommy had been nobbled, is still a point of fierce debate, however one thing is for sure, once tongues began to wag, Tommeh lost all credibility within the EDL rank and file, police narks within any fascist organisation, commonplace.

It ain't rocket science that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Designer shopping comes at a cost, and when Special branch come knocking, Tommeh delivers. Up in Scotland, practising Hitler salutes with the SDL, all of a sudden, Lennon was shipped down to Sheffield for questioning - the doors closing quietly behind him whilst the canary of Luton sang with absolute abandon. Whatever went on behind closed doors, for the next few demos, the EDL were treated with kid gloves, whilst the UAF, in Bolton were detained in what later would be decreed by appeal judges as unlawful arrest, pensioners and disabled people amongst those antifascists brutalised with truncheons by a corrupt system repaying Tommy's disloyalty to his own cause with selective policing courtesy of the Greater Manchester Police.

Such was his arrogance, intoxicated on his own hype, believing he was beyond the law, that Stephen Yaxley Lennon embarked in a serious mortgage fraud which resulted in yet another prison term, not before he had publicly denounced all his former comrades in the EDL, accusing them of all being neo-Nazis, whilst coming clean about his role as the coppers' informant, before selling out to the Quilliam pound.

Released from captivity, Quilliam cash drying up, Tommeh Tit saw further traction from his double-crossed former nationalist colleagues, returning like the prodigal son expecting short memories and forgiveness. With the help of long-time pal, EDL leader Edders, he helped sabotage what remained of the EDL, flogging off their facebook page for click bait, whilst expecting to be welcomed back on the fascist scene as if nothing had happened. Tommeh, like everyone else, had seen the Muslamic Rayguns video, and was well aware that the average EDL supporter was lacking in intelligence. After a few quick sniffs of white marching powder, all memories of betrayal would disappear up their drug-addled noses, and the mugs would be putty in his Pegida UK merchandising plan.

Whilst double-crossing is in the little Fuhrer's blood, so is violence. On a recent Scandinavian visit to local Pegida groups, he went over and started a fight, minders in tow, with a lone antiracist demonstrator. Cowardly hooligan thugs like Tommeh hunt in packs, and assault lone opposition only. The moment he encounters a serious massed ANTIFA unit is when he runs for the hills, messing his underwear like the baby he is. Adolf Hitler supposedly had just one testicle - Tommeh has none.

Tommeh has never expressed an ounce of remorse for his misogynistic behaviour. Beating his partner to a bloody pulp says a lot about the "man" (word used lightly), whilst it also speaks volumes about the company he keeps. Shamed UKIP ex-London mayor candidate Anne Marie Waters, was once a Labour councillor in Brighton, but just like Oswald Mosley, she switched sides, when her hatred of ethnic minorities intensified. Her Sharia Watch website is a haven of Islamophobic brainwashing, and now, she has gone full Hitler, and stands alongside Yaxley Lennon with no shame - sharing the platform with a vicious unreformed wifebeater. Waters' social media accounts boast of her support for the Suffragette movement and women's liberation - including pictures of feminist heroes of the past - however if they were alive today, every single pioneer of women's rights would overwhelmingly disown Waters for teaming up with someone who punches and kicks women, and treats them like trash.

Fascism and Nazism knows tolerance for nobody. Show it none back.

Remember: The far right were driven off the streets in the 1980s by AFA. Allow any fascist organisation, no matter how pathetic, to get a foot in the door, and pay the consequences. Complacency is a killer!