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Bailey Gwynne The Untold Truth

satya | 16.03.2016 08:52 | Analysis | Culture | Policing | London | World

This is what the media are not reporting in this tragic case. A mass cover up is in place to protect the system

Three are no winners in this sad case and I do not defend the violence that was used. But the truth must come out simply because the media and namely Aberdeen council have a lot to answer for.

If you buy the phoney story of this being a row "over a biscuit" then I am sorry to say you have been bought to accept the mainstream media narrative which covers up the actions of this corrupt council.

The named accused Daniel Stroud did carry knives. Please note yet again I do not condone these actions. In reports the media does not explain why in order to cover up the harsh reality as to why this had got to the stage it did.

The reality is that Daniel Stroud was heavily bullied regarding his weight and that this biscuit row was in fact a pre planned fight by people from within the school that had went horribly wrong. Ask yourself this "do people really stab and murder over a biscuit claim" The answer to that is NO. Anyone with a sense of rational I think would come to this conclusion.

The cults academy school and Aberdeen council need to be brought to task because this incident could of and should of NEVER HAPPENED in my opinion. The whole perception of this case surrounds bullying and I absolutely detest this. It is the most horrid way of dehumanizing anyone. One in five suicides are because of this. It is reported that Daniel Stroud did not attend gym because of fear that people would tease him about his weight,

In order for Daniel Stroud to get to the stage of carrying knives and knuckle dusters shows us that the system had failed in tackling the seriousness of this issue. Subsequent internet posts regarding "Mr Stroud assisting police with inquiries into bullying" have been long deleted. Why? It is because the system is protecting itself.

I firmly believe Daniel Stroud was pushed to such a limit that this tragic case could only have one ending. As I said before there are no winners. We have to ask ourselves are we all to blame? The establishment responsible for this should resign. I utterly reject the complicit nature of these people, who would to go to such a length as to stop information from getting out in order to protect their own prestige.

This sickens me to no end and should not happen in a free press. But is the press truly free in the uk? Sadly I think not and this case demonstrates this. One article I saw clearly stated "this has been amended due to legal issues"
In other words silenced and hushed up. We must remind ourselves that there is no smoke without fire. I urge people to spread this article and to insure that the council members and head master of cults academy be brought to task as they are thoroughly responsible too