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INNOCENT | 01.03.2016 22:04 | Repression | South Coast | World

I am a 42-year-old Christian with kidney failure - who has been gang stalked, abused and tortured by the UK government since 2007; and despite comppaints to government officials, my illegal, abhorent and atrocious treatment had continued till date.

(for reasons of kidney failure & racism)


I am a 42-year-old Christian with kidney failure - my kidney failure is the direct result of my sexual abuse as a child! Just for the records - my first degree was in Chemical Engineering, I have a Masters' degree in IT with Security and I currently have admission for PhD study at a UK University. My father is dead and my mother is a widow - Oh Lord, my God! is there no help in this place for a widow's son?

Since 2007, I have been abused, tortured and persecuted by the UK government (via the security services) because I am BLACK and my kidney failed! And UK government officials including the prime minister have been complicit in my abuse and torture since 2010 (the Prime Minister and other senior ministers were first informed about my abuse on 16/12/2010 and numerous updates have been sent). I have lost count of the number of times I have written to several government officials regarding my abuse, torture and persecution. However, it appears to me that they are using the control of information to hide complaints of my torture and abuse - as my complaints (mails/online) are usually covered by big events, news (Ebola, a major arrest, the discovery of a major plot etc).

To understand my abuse/torture, please google: "Gang Stalking" or "Cointelpro"!

Prime Minister, all that is needed is for the government under your leadership to act as to protect me, a Black man (who has not broken any UK law) whose only offence is his skin colour (racism) and ill-health (disability) - your late son, Ivan (May His Soul Rest In Peace), was disabled; would you had been happy for him to be abuse and torture because of a disability he had no control over - just like me?

On 21 January 2015, the UK government (Home Office) accepted my account of the abuse and torture as true ! Please note that it was racial prejudice and symptoms of my kidney failure that led to the start of my abuse and torture - THIS IS DOUBLE JEOPARDY - a person abused in childhood is now been abused in adulthood due to the effect (kidney failure) of his childhood abuse! I have reported my case to charities including NAPAC; but nothing has been done about it!

Please assist me to ask the UK government (police, MI5/CIA etc.) to make public their justification for the abuse, torture and persecution which they have subjected me to since January 2007! The abuse, torure and persecution breach rights guaranteed under articles (3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 etc) of the UK Human Rights Act 1998.

As you read my story, I would like you to remember IT COULD BE YOU NEXT - for "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!"

The UK government and her security services made a mistake because of my kidney failure plus racial prejudice in January 2007; and instead of stopping when they realised their mistake, they have moved heaven and earth, and lied in every respect to cover up their mistake. They went as far as labelling me a threat as to hinder any investigation into their illegal abuse and torture against me. I believe they know that I am innocent; however, even if we assume they do not - It is unlawful in the UK to abuse, torture and persecute a convicted & guilty party; let alone someone whose guilt is not established - OR is kidney failure and/or being BLACK now a crime!


Since 2007, the UK government via her security services (police, MI5/CIA) have subjected me to the following abuses and torture described below which include:

Sleep Deprivation - This is achieved using noise, microwave targeting and/or electronic abuse etc. NOTE: microwave targeting and electronic abuse causes (i) heating up (iii)heart failure/attack (iii) cancer etc. The use of sleep deprivation against me was started on 24 April 2014 - when I had to endure 3 consecutive days (about 72 hours) of sleep deprivation, which almost killed me. On 11/01/2015, I was subjected to 21 hours of sleep deprivation; also, on 10/11 May 2015, I was hindered from sleeping. They now seek to use sleep deprivation as a tool to hinder me from speaking out about my abuse. Sleep deprivation is torture according to the UK Parliament, the US Senate, European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN). Clearly, the UK government is in breach of both domestic and international laws; of which they are aware of, as I have informed the government of my case.

Sexual, Mental and Emotional Torture - I have been hindered from having a sexual relationship since 2007 by the UK government; in their quest to force one of their female security operatives on me, as to (I believe) accuse me of rape just like Julian Assange! And then declare they were right to have been abusing and persecuting me for years - another practice against me by the UK government and her security services that constitutes torture!

Blocked from having a wife/partner and children - I am now 42 and my sexual/emotional torture has led to my been hindered from having a wife/partner; hence, I do not have a child and no chance of having one at present!

Starvation and Impoverishment - the UK government via her security services forced my ex-employer to sack me from my paid employment and also ruined my private UK Company. This led to my starving severally and on an occasion, I starved for days, unable to take my anti-rejection drugs for my kidney transplant. Starvation caused by the deliberate action of a state actor is a “Crime Against Humanity” - the David Cameron-led UK government stands shoulder to shoulder with the North Korean government in this regard!

Blocked from accessing Solicitors and impartial judiciary in the UK - Scared of the exposition of their illegal actions (like all bullies), the UK government (via MI5/CIA) have gone to all lengths to ensure that I never access an independent solicitor to handle my case against them - They use secretaries and receptionist at Solicitors' firm to hinder me access to legal advice and representation. When I take my case to court as a litigant in person, they intimidate judicial staff and judges into making perverse and openly unjust decisions and judgments!

UPDATE: till date, they are still blocking me from accessing solicitors that can pursue my human rights/civil liberties claim against the UK government! However, around March/April 2015, they allowed me access to qualified solicitors (Duncan Lewis); who secured funding and represented me for months in relation to my FORCED Asylum/Immigration case against the Home Office. On 02.07.2015, the legal team won my High Court case and on 03.12.2015, the Home Office conceded that they made an error in their decision dated 21.01.2015. On 15.01.2016, one of my solicitors at Duncan Lewis gave me a letter from the Home Office dated 13.01.2016 (see page 2 of the letter HERE) wherein the Home Office confirmed that they have granted me Asylum/Leave to Remain! However, despite my now having been granted Asylum/Leave to Remain, the CIA/MI5 have withheld my documents (passport, status documents etc.); and are influencing employers not to employ me on the basis that I do not possess the withheld documents - they then through my uncle persuaded me to claim benefits! These actions are in direct contradiction to the policies and manifesto pledges of the current UK government.

Defamation of My Person and Character - the UK government via MI5/CIA use lies, gossips, rumours etc to rubbish and belittle me at every opportunity and everywhere (home, shops, church, hospital, community etc). There is no form of lies they have not told about me: He is crazy; He is a shoplifter; He is stupid etc - anything that would make those around me dislike and hate me is fair game to MI5/CIA!

Jeopardising My Life/Health - My healthcare is negatively influenced: interference with my GP referrals, healthcare professionals' looking after my kidneys are turned against me; also, the use of sleep deprivation on me is a major threat against my health and life!

Tampering With My Communications (emails, calls, internet connections etc) - MI5/CIA tampers with all my communications including communications between me and my Member of Parliament (this a crime under UK parliamentary democracy). Also, communications between me and my family, friends etc is fair game.

Destruction of My Relationships - it appears to me that the UK government (via MI5/CIA) have forced my family and friends in the UK to sign secret papers following which such are forced to snoop on me. They also use hidden earphones and microphones to direct those around me on what to say to me - this means I am no longer able to freely communicate with my kith and kins - a violation of my private and family life (Article 8).

Blocking Me From University Admission, Online Campaign etc - They are now engaged in blocking me from gaining university admission at the university where I obtained a distinction in my masters' degree. I went for an interview on 04 March 2015 and the result was meant to be released in 2 weeks or more. However, within hours (the next day - 05 March 2015), my UCAS page was updated as "unsuccessful". They also disrupted my online campaign in 2013 to the point that those seeking to support me could not just get through to registering their support. THIS SIGNALS THE DANGERS OF ALLOWING THE SECET SERVICE TOTAL FREE ACCESS TO EVERYONE'S ONLINE DATA, ACCOUNT AND WEBSITE (just as "Edward Snowden" warned the world in 2013). If the secret service is willing to disrupt a person's legitimate quest for university admission; online campaign... ask yourself what would they not interfere with?

UPDATE: I wrote an article titled "MI5/CIA AND THE LACK OF QUALITY TEACHERS IN THE UK" on 3 June 2015 and in the second week of July 2015, I secured university admission into PGCE Secondary Maths at a top 5 UK university (for PGCE education); but I could not undertake the course as the Home Office delayed making a decision on my FORCED Asylum/immigration case. However, I have again secured a teachers' training place for the 2016/17 session at a Russell Group university - and since the Home office has now made a positive decision on my case; I should be able to freely undertake the PGCE course (THAT IS IF CIA/MI5 DOES NOT LOOK FOR ANOTHER REASON TO HINDER ME). All these are happening in a country with acute teacher shortage and a government apparently committed to reducing the shortage!


To achieve the above torture and abuse against me, the UK government (MI5/CIA) uses methods (some copied from the STASI/NAZI) including:

This involves an organised gang of people (up to 50) stalking (following) me about everywhere I go; spreading false information (disinformation) about me and intimidating anyone that I interact with - in my case, agents of MI5/CIA lead gangs of private company employees (a private company would be intent on ensuring the continuance of their contract). In this way, they are able to spread lies, false rumours and hate against me - even in the church and Charities were I help out. THIS METHOD IS MEANT TO KILL A PERSON OVER A PERIOD WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PHYSICAL HARM - A NAZI/STASI INVENTION! They have used this to isolate me from my family, friends and community in the UK. My current pastor introduced a lady to me with regard to marriage but MI5/CIA disrupted the affair and have now turned the church against me, using lies and fear - details of the 'whats' and 'hows' of organised gang stalking can be found HERE; you can also do an online search for "Organised Gang Stalking". A British victim of MI5 abuse/torture has an online repository here - hence, let no one deceive you that MI5/CIA abuse/torture is used against people that have committed a crime - it is the NAZI/STASI all over again!

In this way, they are able to spread lies, gossips against a person thereby defaming the person’s character and reputation using falsehood and ensuring no free interaction for such person. They also carry out “False Flag Attacks” against the person - attacking people around him while making such attacks appear to be coming from their victim - this is to further alienate the person from those around him and they are now bribing people around me as to ensure their silence. Will Filer (former NSA employee - like Edward Snowden) reveals some of the things they do in his online article.

This is the remote monitoring of a person’s thoughts, sight (what they person is seeing) and sounds (getting into such person’s ears) by the use of technology involving electromagnetic and extreme low frequency radiations/waves. The person’s thoughts are converted into audible sounds, their sight is displayed on a screen and the sound they hear can be heard. Do not take my word for it, for more insight, please visit HERE; you can also do an online search for "Remote Neural Monitoring". For the technology and patents used in remote neural monitoring, please see HERE.

This is the use of waves and radiations within the invisible light spectrum (e.g. microwaves) technology in attacking a person. Varying concentration of a wave/radiation is directed at the target person - the effect of such attack depends on the waves/radiation and concentration + speed used - when microwave energy is used, the person is heated up like food placed in a microwave oven; other attacks lead to heart attack, cancer etc over time. This is called “Directed Energy Attacks”. For more information, please see Wikipedia.


The sovereignty of a nation arises from the supremacy of its laws within its jurisdiction; hence, the UK’s sovereignty is dependent on the will of its parliament (law-making body) been supreme! It follows that anyone that contravenes a parliamentary legislation breaches the sovereignty of the UK! The list of MI5/CIA abuses/tortures described above are all illegal under UK parliamentary legislation (Human Rights Act 1998) - hence, MI5/CIA are acting outside of their parliamentary-authorised remit; and that is very bad for democracy!,

This is barbaric racism - calling my illegal abuse and torture by MI5/CIA (with UK government's complicity) just "racism" will be an understatement! The reason for my abuse, torture and persecution by MI5/CIA is a direct result of issues that arose from symptoms of my kidney failure; which got compounded by MI5/CIA's racial prejudice against me. I am currently being treated worse than terror-suspects, people accused of murder, treason etc - I am even being treated worse than Abu Qatada(Islamic cleric deported from the UK in 2013).


I would like to state clearly that my abuse, torture and persecution is the DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY OF THE UK GOVERNMENT because (i) I reside in the UK (jurisdiction of UK government); (ii) it is UK officials that invited any foreign agency (e.g. CIA) into the matter; and hence any such foreign agency acting against me inside the UK with the authorisation of UK officials.

The UN forbids torture; UK human rights law forbids torture; THE US SENATE HAS SHOWN THROUGH THE "CIA TORTURE REPORT" THAT NOTHING JUSTIFIES TORTURE AND BEARING IN MIND THAT I AM A CHRISTIAN (religion) - CAN MI5/CIA (AND THE UK GOVT) PLEASE SAY EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS THAT I SAID AND/OR DID THAT JUSTIFIED AND STILL JUSTIFIES MY TORTURE AND ABUSE IN THE UK AND UNDER THE COMPLICITY OF THE UK GOVERNMENT! The secret services are experts in deception using defamation, gossips, innuendos etc which are usually FALSE. I do not know what they have told those in government; as to make them believe that somehow my torture is OK or is it that those in government are scared of MI5/CIA?

You can find information on how and where my abuse, torture and persecution started - HERE.

Put simply, for over 9 years, I have been forced into an existence in which the essence of living was absent - I have been hindered from accessing the things that make life worth living - family, a wife/partner, a child/children, friends etc! And their hope is now to force me out of the UK; as to cover up their illegal and barbaric abuse/torture against me (on-going since 2007)!

My abuse/torture is worse than those of Abu Qatada and terror-suspects on the defunct Control Order and TPIMs - A brief analysis/comparison showing how my abuse/torture by the UK government and her agents compares to those of Abu Qatada and other terror-suspects on Control Order/TPIMs can be found HERE.

Can the UK government (police, MI5/CIA etc.) provide one, just a single, evidence to justify their horrific actions against me? Can they? Of course, they cannot! If they had such evidence, they would be parading it in every mass media in the UK.

Please assist me to ask the UK government (police, MI5/CIA etc.) to make public their justification for the level of abuse, torture and persecution which they have subjected me to since January 2007!

Please do note that anything that happens to me is a direct effect of my abuse, torture and persecution by MI5/CIA – as they have infiltrated and are disturbing all aspects of my life, including my healthcare (GP, hospital doctors, nurses etc). Just one example: my GP referred me to a hospital and MI5/CIA changed the referral to a different hospital, where they influenced the staff, including a doctor, to pretend that I was seen. Months later, I was informed by the hospital that no record exist of my appointment. I later found out that my GP referred me to a different hospital, while my appointment letter came from a wholly different hospital. ONLY MI5/CIA CAN PULL OFF THE ABOVE EVENT!

Hence, if anything happens to me, please do not take the words of any health professional (doctor, nurse etc) that looked after me; as they are all under the influence by MI5/CIA.

MI5/CIA made a mistake because of my kidney failure plus racial prejudice; and instead of stopping when they realised their mistake, they have moved heaven and earth, and lied in every respect to cover up their mistake. They went as far as labelling me a threat as to hinder any investigation into their illegal abuse and torture against me. I believe they know that I am innocent; even if we assume they do not - It is unlawful in the UK to abuse, torture and persecute a person whose guilt you are unsure of! It is illegal to torture the guilty; let alone someone that did nothing wrong - OR is kidney failure now a crime!

Members of Parliament plus the media (BBC, Sky etc) and civil liberty organisations (Liberty, Reprieve etc) are also aware of my abuse and torture by MI5/CIA - this is to avoid my case going the same way as the "lost child abuse files of the late former MP". I have also sent several requests to the BBC asking that my case be investigated and I am yet to hear from them.

If you ever believed in JUSTICE; if you still believe in JUSTICE - my abuse and torture IN THE UK presents an opportunity to stand and be counted! JUSTICE - the right thing - that is all I seek!

REMEMBER, IT COULD BE YOU NEXT - MI5/CIA's illegal actions can only be stopped by the joint effort of people that love/support democracy and the rule of law. Please help by joining in this fight to dethrone illegal, unethical, undemocratic and UN-BRITISH actions of MI5/CIA inside the UK.

To the Prime Minister, I say, leadership is about choice - since 16 December 2010, you (David Cameron) have chosen to be complicit in the illegal and abhorrent abuse and torture of a disabled man. Please, it is time that you accept responsibility and take action to end my abuse and torture.


The abuse/torture been perpetrated against me by the UK government and her agents (UK home office now agrees), since 2007, uses : organised gang stalking, remote neural monitoring and continuous defamation (via lies, gossips, innuendoes) to ensure that:

1. I do not settle down with a wife/partner for since 2007) - I am now 42-year-old;
2. Been stopped from having a wife/partner has led to my not having a child at 42;
3. Sleep deprivation, impoverishment and starvation at the whims and caprices of MI5/CIA.;
4. I am rubbished and belittled at every opportunity and anywhere (home, shops, church, hospital, community etc);
5. My healthcare is negatively influenced - interference with GP referrals, healthcare professionals' advice etc;
6. My communications (emails, calls, internet connections etc) are disrupted: including those with my Member of Parliament - a crime under UK parliamentary democracy.
7. They use secretaries/receptionist at Solicitors' firm to hinder me access to legal representation (with respect to my human rights case against the Home Office/CIA/MI5); however, they did allow me access to immigration solicitors that won my case which led to my been granted Asylum/Leave to Remain (see page 2 of the letter HERE).
8. And many more issues...



A 42-year-old Christian abused and tortured in the UK by the UK government (via CIA/MI5) for over 9 years; for reasons of RACISM and DISABILITY!

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