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ALERTA #ANTIFA TOMMY GOES FULL HITLER @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails

ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL | 01.02.2016 17:30 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | South Coast

Having pretended to moderate his views, former EDL leader and BNP member, Pegida UK Fuhrer Stephen Yaxley Lennon has virtually copied Adolf Hitler rants about removing Jews from Europe in the 1930s, this time targeting Muslims. The sickening tweet the scumbag made last night promises to get rid of all Muslim males from Europe, in a chilling echo of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies, which were actioned, as we all know, by Kristallnacht, forced ghettoisation, and finally the Holocaust. Whilst Tommy is a rabble-rousing white supremacist windbag who has very little chance of ever gaining electoral power despite his obvious hopes with a Pegida UK link-up with UKIP sometime in the future (whilst Farage refuses to proscribe the neo-nazi organisation) chillingly extremist comments like his, (see the screenshot) provide all the ammunition to enpower the violent criminal fascist rampages that happened in Stockholm and Leipzig. MILITANT ANTIFA - BE THERE!!!

Nick Griffin went on trial in the mid-90s for making Islamophobic comments less extreme than this, so the police should thus arrest Lennon, not that they will, as permitting fascist hatemongers to sprout bile serves a useful purpose for ramping up David Cameron's War On Terror, no matter how much alienisation is a recruitment tool for ISIS.

Herr Tommy's appearance in Birmingham with the German neo-Nazi group Pegida MUST BE MET WITH OUTSTANDING OPPOSITION, not just away from action like the UAF kettle in the City Centre, but actively on the streets near Birmingham Airport, actively clearing the streets of fascist filth, sending the #naziscum packing with dustpan and brush, back onto their trains and coaches.

Tommy's hate idol Adolf Hitler should have been stopped, but opposition was not strong enough....... and we all know what happened next.

Remember the brave Antifascists who went to Spain to defend the republic from fascism. We need the same steadfast concrete resolve regularly in the UK.