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NF HITLER SALUTES #NAZIS #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @ant1fane @JLRFB #edl

ANTIFA EYE | 31.01.2016 14:43 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

In the same week that billions of people worldwide commemorated the Holocaust, vile horrific neo-Nazi NWI and NF thugs turned up in Dover to salute history's worst ever mass murderer, Adolf Hitler. Whilst the BBC and Sky News liked to call them far right protestors, they were the furthest right as you could possibly get - supporters of anti-Semitic genocide. Such pictures were not broadcast by the main news channels who preferred to describe the disgusting national socialists as "anti-refugee campaigners". Shame on he media for going soft on Nazi hate, and failing to spot the hardcore neo-Nazi regalia, including triple cross NF flags, Combat 18 flags and the dozens of Hitler salutes that happened throughout the day. Playing up to the David Cameron / Theresa May narrative that immigration is a "bad thing" is bad in itself, but failing to spot Nazis as being Nazis, shows a distinct lack of understanding, sacrificing history and common decency to facilitate a rightwing political agenda. Ordinary people were not out demonstrating against refugees in Dover. National Socialist thugs were!

The pictures say it all - and such is hardly surprising as Shane Calvert also called Diddyman, posted a sickening statement of Holocaust denial, approved by his new best mate David Child, where he uses the term "gassed" and talks of the "Holohoax".

Anyone who saw pictures of bleeding Nazis on the news (many hit by punches and missiles thrown by their own lot, as witnessed by respected antifascist information organisation Hope Not Hate), failing to hear about the elderly London coach driver viciously assaulted before all the trouble kicked off, and the swastika drawn Odinist-style with Nazi blood, wrongly believed "both sides were as bad as each other", you should have attended your local Holocaust Memorial Day Remembrance events and you would most definitely know the difference between angry antifascist street campaigners and racist, pro-genocidal white supremacists.

If you still cannot see the difference between advocates of mass murder and militant direct action from ANTIFA, it is advisable you contact your local GP for a psychiatric referral good and fast. Just thank your lucky stars you didn't grow up under a fascist regime such as Franco's Spain, or you wouldn't have access to urgent medical facilities. If you hadn't been rounded up, shot, and your body dumped in an unmarked grave, that is.


P.S., remember to turn up at Birmingham Airport's railway station to show Tommy Robinson Hell, next week on Saturday the 6th of February 2012.