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ANTIFA | 29.01.2016 15:02 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

It must be the time of year. Shane Calvert also known as Duddyman is "on-heat" and getting extremely kinky, longing for a good old spanking, which is why he is going to Dover. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, Calvert is heading down to the White Cliffs of Dover so the nation's antifascists so the nation's antifascists can deliver a stern humiliation he will never live down. The NEI, Sea and all of the other far right groups invited to attend by the National Front, are not too clever, but none can match the sheer masochistic streak of Calvert and Shaun Jones of the NWI, who will be sitting targets for roving antifascists once again. One might be forgiven for thinking they enjoy pain and humiliation by the bucketload. Judging by Duddyman's demeanour, his online flirting manoeuvres with dominant antifascists suggest he gets he gets a thrill from being repeatedly put down by people of a superior intellect. You don't need to be Sigmund Freud to understand the complex psychosexual interplay going on between Calvert and his detractors on a daily basis, Calvert's demeanour screaming out to be soundly disciplined by the might of ANTIFA.

Sexual kinks are an accepted part of a loving, adult sexual relationship, however Duddyman is neither loving or can hold down a relationship of any sort. A confused young man increasingly drawn to the lifestyle of Adolf Hitler and his generals, in Shane Calvert's troubled psyche, he sees parallel with his lack of size and Hitler's notorious shortarsity. No pain, no gain the saying goes, but the dark desires of Duddyman are manifest to the extent they are starting to take over his whole outlook on life. From all reports, living alongside Calvert is a delight that few partners enjoy, thus his failure maintain a relationship longer than a few unpleasant weeks. When self-pleasuring in-front of a cheaply reproduced portrait of the late German genocidal dictator becomes more important than trying to please one's partner between the sheets, alarm bells should be ringing in the young man's mind.

Brought up in a racist and homophobic environment makes self-determination so much more difficult. If Shane's parents were intolerant traditionalists, coming out would have been extremely difficult compared with revealing all to liberal / leftwing parents. Likewise for his laddish friends - all a troubled young adult in such a situation could do, is deliberately drop hints rather than outright confession, in the forlorn hope of shock acceptance, for instance the occasional wearing of a tartan skirt behind closed doors. And when a perceived lack of macho demeanour starts to get tongues wagging negatively, retreating into a repulsive world of testosterone-pumped footie hooligans and neo-Nazis provides a safety net away from leering judgemental eyes.

Duddyman recently set up his very own far right bastardised cross between OTAN and Redwatch on Twitter, aiming to dox antifascists, which refers to ANTIFA as "fairies", a very old-fashioned homophobic term Calvert more than likely learnt from his dad and / or best mates.

Forget Ernst Rohm for a moment - Shane's captivation with national socialism, it's brutality, corruption and genocidal hatred rides upon an extremist proto-alpha male archetype that offers determination to a sexually unsure mind. Anonymous recently exposed a gay American senator who allegedly supports the KKK, who began supporting them previous to coming out. Unsure of his sexuality, well aware he would be bullied by his friends in the rougher pubs of town for being homosexual, Calvert's dive headlong into the realms of hardcore national socialism suggests he is using far right politics to hide his true personality. The love-hate dynamics of gay and bisexual men engaged within homophobic rightwing politics, easily manifests itself as masochistic self-loathing.

Attracted to, and doomed by failure in equal measures, Duddyman has an off-kilter inkling to court disaster with extreme excitement. To say Dover will be no "stroll in the park", is no understatement. Teeming full of militant ANTIFA and police, the poor deluded neo-Nazi is all set to be taken to task for all his troubled internet rantings in a matter of seconds from the moment he arrives in Dover. Although intoxicated at the thought of taking stern punishment from anti-Nazis, his phallus already engorged with blood at the desire of being chased out of town by hunks of all colours, shapes and sizes, the amount of time spent behind bars, in solitary, with only unformed men for company, suggest the young man's most erotic sexual fantasy involves a policeman's truncheon and a bucket of industrial lubricant.

His slender, diminutive body might not accommodate the wide girth of a standard issue UK police riot cop's baton, however if he wishes to attack antifascists, some kind soul will be more than willing to rip him a brand new backside.

Keen on calling Middle-Eastern Muslims "camel shaggers", one can only guess what unusual desires rows Duddyman's boat when alone in bed with only his blow-up latex sheep for company. One thing is for sure, Shane Calvert won't be seeking advice from human sexuality advisers, as since the renowned Sigmund Freud was of Jewish origin, Duddy views counselling as a global Jewish conspiracy against his miniscule, oddly-shaped penis.