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Were you targeted by undercover police? An invitation from the Undercover Resear

URG | 26.01.2016 15:32 | Policing | Repression

Announcing a series of closed roundtables across the country for those who were spied on by undercover police.

The scandal of Mark Kennedy and the spying on the Lawrence family is only the tip of the iceberg. Political policing has targeted social justice and protest groups for a long time, but we are at a unique point in history where we have a chance to do something about it, not least learn the extent to which we were targeted.

This message is going out to all those political activists - left wing, blacklisted, anarchist, labour or union, environmental or animal rights, anti-fascist, peace and justice campaigners - who were spied on by undercover police or have strong reasons to believe they were.

We are organising a series of roundtable discussions around the country to serve several purposes:

1. To start hearing your story in a safe way; and to understand the effects of undercover policing on people and campaigns;

2. To share experience in researching suspicions;

3. To discuss what options are available in terms of legal action or the Public Inquiry into undercover policing; including identifying potential miscarriages of justice, understanding the disruption
caused, etc;

4. To develop a strong, collective message about the abuses done in the name of undercover policing and demand that the inquiry addresses them properly, not least by providing the necessary information to answer people's doubts and concerns.

This is not a public meeting or for those merely interested. Those will happen another time. For now we wish to focus on those affected by the presence of undercovers in their campaigns and lives.
These meetings are not open to the media, right-wing campaigners or police. Where possible we will seek to provide safe spaces as we are aware of how sensitive some of the state intrusion has been.

We are planning a number of these round-tables around the country:

9 Feb (Tue): Brighton
11 Feb (Thu): Oxford
21 Feb (Sun): Cardiff
22 Feb (Mon): Bristol
29 Feb (Mon): Nottingham

15 March (Tue): Leeds
16 March (Wed): Manchester
17 March (Thu): Liverpool
21 March (Mon): Norwich (TBC)

If you want to attend please drop us an email at . Please forward far and wide. If you cannot make one of these meeting but are interested please get in touch. For more information see

These events are supported by the Network for Police Monitoring} and the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (

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good luck

20.02.2016 22:23

I am interested in keeping up with these although I cant attend for various reasons, not least because they are bound to be spied on (ironically).

Please are you able to post updates and info shares?

many thanks.



27.02.2016 15:12



Does Indymedia ever intend to fix this site?

04.03.2016 11:49

Or is it game over?

so tell us

There were infiltrators left, reight and centre : center

25.03.2016 21:21

There were infiltrators and informers left, right and centre:center. This is a commonly accepted fact amongst many and the attacks on the liberal left and those motivated to form protests extend all the way to social centres:centers, housing co-ops and the social level in general. This has and is including the use of organised criminal elements to flood such groups with certain drugs and it has included intentional spiking of drinks, spliffs and even bar cellars. It is quite literally a war albeit underground.

Some of us have genetics that mean we are not as effected as much as others but the cancer rate and also poor mental health rate is starting to soar amongst activist groups that 'indulge' but it would be a mistake to blame pure indulgence as rather it is the case that it is all being spiked, really it is. My advice is and has been for quite some time is to go underground, rely on family and kinship networks and vet that way. Crunch time fast approaches so get yourself off the network scope, and yes even crypto and providers like activix and riseup are compromised, so that you are not in the 's-curve' projections. Face to face is the only safe way now or old style notes and esoteric cryptography etched by hand <--the most secure.

Heck, when the 'Lugano Report-esque' strategies are already under way on the general populace it is but a matter of course that the organised criminal elements would be deployed as such on the activist scene. I am not the only one that sees this but after all the shit that was attempted (and still in effect) on me, I 'aint afraid to voice it publicly but I understand why others are. Hopefully I will luck out and not get cancer by next year and being of strong mind, I 'aint going to fall that way boys'n'girls.


advice to sincere people

22.04.2016 23:15

Activist groups and organisations are full of lying, mentally unstable police informants. If anyone here is serious about changing society instead of just banging loose hippy girls I suggest you simply carry out whatever actions you are capable of on your own. Getting involved with pretty much any group is a sure way to have a lot of your time wasted and also have everything you say and do reported straight back to the police. It amazes me that so few people seem to have figured this out.