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ANTIFA LIVERPOOL | 18.01.2016 12:37 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

The English Democrats have a thing for homophobic ex-boxers, going on at the moment, and aptly named candidate Paul Rimmer from Liverpool, who got thrown out of the party then let back in, umpteen times for his Christian fundamentalism, doesn't uphold his beloved "Christian work ethic", instead spending all of his free time shouting at President Obama across the Atlantic, prattling on with anti-black, ablist, anti-abortion and homophobic remarks, as if Mr President gives a shit about the views of some washed-up fat ex-boxing nazi. A supporter of female neo-Nazi Anne Marie Waters' Sharia Watch and Pegida, Rimmer should leave Liverpool, a city of tolerance out of shame for being such an intolerant dickhead.

Flashback to 2014, and Rimmer was apparently "thrown out" of his fascist party, then a short time later, mysteriously allowed back in for saying that Liverpool FC were cursed by God for supporting Liverpool's Pride celebrations.

The fat cocky Christian fundamentalist dickhead jokes about the many temporary bans he has received from fellow former BNPer, Steve Uncles at the English Democrats.

Now he spends all his time sending pro-lifer, racist, anti-disabled and homophobic tweets to American presidents, as if he has not got better things to do with his life. Even if he is repressing his own homosexuality, as is the case of many such anti-Gay bigots.

It's high time the people of Liverpool, including Irish Republicans, rise up and tell the stupid bastard to sling his hook from their great multicultural city. Liverpool deserves better than such an absolute nutzi dickhead living amidst their city streets.

If Rimmer intends to visit Pegida in Birmingham, he had better be as tough as his tweets. Things are set to get a tad unpleasant for the violent neo-nazi Pegidans marchers on the way to the NEC with militant antifascists set to descend upon Brum on Saturday the 6th of February, and pay the fleet-footed, cowering Germanic nazis a visit at a time they least expect it.