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I | 15.01.2016 09:16 | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces | World

ABAB is like a hint at a door to a person hitting its head against a wall. Of course, in the forest, where ABAB is real, there are neither walls nor doors, only heads and sometimes not even that. ABAB started as a thought experiment aimed at researching, documenting and correcting a fundamental flaw in the organisation of the human species that has put the lion´s share of it on an extinction track, and consequentially developed into a multiplication force of the archetypal knowledge for the survival thereof.

For I, ABAB more often than not is not merely a working hypothesis but an undeniable fact, namely that a revolutionary message in the form of the written word can be hammered out in the archetypal expression resonating so deeply with the elementary concept of humanity, which is at the heart of every autonomous culture, that its echo transcends all boundaries of language, local circumstance and repressive ignorance. For this purpose, a linguistic minimalism is adhered to in order to tell the two or three significant details of the thousand words picture that is every moment in life, enabling ABAB to use the own mother tongue as translation blueprint not only for humans but machines as well, rather than choosing a more widespread one like this. That way ABAB teaches the anti-capitalist practitioner how to safely reach back before this flaw, but at the same time with the same words also the confused believers of capitalist economy and state how to obtain for real what they are spoiling themselves with these counterproductive efforts. And yet, ABAB´s key message is not written on dead trees or rare earth minerals, but into the lands, the skies and everything in between by a hand bigger than the specific aberrations which make it necessary for ABAB to come up.