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#NAZIS WELCOME AT #PEGIDA @bikeyjezmo #ANTIFA @JLRFB @siegfails @ant1fane #edl

ANTIFA - NAZI SCUM OUT OF BRUM! | 03.01.2016 10:45 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

#LEADERTOMMY, Luton's Pegida Fuhrer Tommy "The Tit" Robinson has relented from his earlier position, and is now openly reaching out to all fascist orgs including hardcore Hitler-worshipping neo-Nazi groups who he had originally said were not welcome. Such is the nature of his backtrack that American white supremacist organisation "Pioneer Little England" have promised to attend, PLE friends with the KKK. Those in the British far right with any semblance of a brain cell have serious cause for concern. The call for "unity" has to be too good to be true for self-proclaimed neo-Nazis, when Tommy has a track record of shopping far right radicals to the police. Still, many full-on fascists are likely to stroll willingly head first into the Pegida mousetrap, eagerly swallowing the bait like the idiots they are.

Back in Christmas 2010, Stephen Yaxo Lennon's influence had begun to wane, especially in Northern England where voices of discontent grew and grew, culminating in a physical confrontation in Blackburn following allegations that Tommy has grassed up Northern EDL members with football hooligan connections for cash at Sheffield Police Station following a brief visit to Scotland.

Former soldier Alan McKee from Gateshead took exception to Tommy's tweets calling anyone who doubted his intentions as being a traitor to the cause. McKee accused Tommy of being a police informant and was held back by EDL stewards while Tommy lunged forward an headbutted him. Tommy objected to being found out as a sham, and later, on YouTube and Facebook went onto lie and pretend he headbutted McKee for "being a nazi", even though there was no evidence of Tommy being any more fascist than anybody else in the EDL. This incident led to the NWI being formed locally in Blackburn and to their eventual breakaway from the English Defence League.

If rival far right members do attend this "Unity Demo", it won't take long before somebody willing to give Tommy Tit a second chance witnesses Tommeh's arrogance and seeks to "get even" using fists and boots. The only way inevitable trouble could be averted is if Tommy was to own up and admit to being a police informant and tearfully apologise, but he won't. He is still denying to this day he is a grass, which is a mark of the pillock's sheer and absolute arrogance. Tommy's self-agrandising fliers for the event feature his ugly mugshot high above everything else, in an egocentric pose which could be Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein or a leader of a religious cult, much is his warped sense of superiority over lesser mortal EDL followers.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon shares much in common with Joshua Bonehill. Both are no marks, who grass up fellow nationalists, and regard themselves as being saviours of mankind. As have every dictator since Genghis Khan. If I was a member of a splinter group, forced to spend an afternoon with such an arrogant imbecile spouting lies about fellow nationalists, I would rapidly lose my cool.

Some members of Yorkshire's EDL have erred on caution, but whether other "nationalists!" are sure to crawl headfirst into Tommy's trap, teeth sinking in the cheese while the trap snaps firmly shut. Convicted criminals, football hooligans, part time casuals, the whole spectrum of flotsam and jetsam of expendable fascist wannabes will be enticed to attend Pegida in Brum as a ready means of entrapment. Police cameras will be pointing in all directions, Pegida stewards be primed to hand over "troublemakers" to the police, Tommy Tit will stand aloft, on-stage, claiming his own credit for ejecting the very same nazis he invited to Pegida, claiming falsely that they "gatecrashed the party", while rivals to his power trip are brutalised, ejected, arrested and fingerprinted.

When the ferocious fighting ends, and the mounted constables retreat from the Pegida kettle, Tommy Tit will make the most of "Infidels" injuries, complaining about "police brutality" to his rivals, anything to help shift copies of his crappy autobiographical book nobody wants to buy, before switching focusing blame to the nazis who supposedly "gatecrashed" his "Unity Demo",the snake he is, despite the fact Pegida itself is a neo-Nazi organisation initiated by an NPD supporter who liked dressing up as Adolf Hitler, and extremist speakers in Dresden have called for Muslims to be murdered in concentration camps.

The first lesson of British fascism, which is a difficult but crucial lesson for budding nutzis to muster, is there can never be unity between rival political factions fighting for the same cause. When too many big fish swim in a small pond, fins are bound to clash, and the bigger fish will devour the smaller fish. Tommy knows full well what he is doing when he organises a high-risk "unity demo". As do the police who will come fully prepared for trouble, equipped with riot shields and taser guns.

Any members of rival fascist orgs attending Pegida's Birmingham demo, should expect the "Day of The Penknives" ready and waiting to carve them to shreds. Once in power, Hitler shut down all other rival far right organisations, sending their leaders to firing squads as traitors, such is the power trip of an egomaniac hell-bent on strengthening his control of power. The National Front, National Action, NWI, NEI, SEA and Britain First all pose a risk to Tommy's bulging pockets, which is why he is working hard behind the scenes, passing on data to police and opponents to sabotage their continued existence.

For Tommy to get as wealthy as Nick Griffin was, back in the heyday, he has to treat fellow nationalists as a greater danger to his financial wellbeing than antifascists, and it is easy to see why. Paul Golding, like Stephen Yaxley Lennon, is fiscally motivated, and thus, Golding and Lennon have never seen eye to eye, rivalry boiling over into mutual derision. If the two were ever to meet in the street, it would be a bloody cockfight to the death.