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TOMMY TIT'S #PEGIDA BOOK PLOT‏ @siegfails #ANTIFA @bikeyjezmo @JLRFB @slatukip

ANTIFA | 29.12.2015 13:53 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

Whilst in prison, Pegida UK Fuhrer Tommy "The Tit" Robinson ghost-wrote his very own Islamophobic version of Mein Kampf with the assistance of puppeteer Helen "Growler", believing his clueless subordinates of the far right political scene would go "ape shit" for the book. When the sales he hoped for, didn't materialise, Tommy decided to hatch the ultimate plot of betrayal, using Pegidans as cannon-fodder to help the cash flow faster into his bank account. Liable to flog his own granny for drugs coffers, Tommy is plotting to sell out his loyal supporters for a few measly quid, having arranged the infamous Pickfords Plot a few years back, where he set up a van full of numpties before shopping them to the cops. Best of all, the lemmings who worship him are blissfully unaware of his dastardly plot.

Adolf Hitler famously played the martyr to become popular. So too is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who like Hitler, scripted his memoirs whilst behind bars. Whispering Tommy did his best to speed up the demise of the EDL so his Pegida Pillocks would be the only far right show in town, knowing EDLers far and wide would have to march with his Germanic nazi gang, or stay at home tweeting like #loners with #bluehand.

A blustery, wintery shower or two, a touch of drizzle, and the wife-beating, grassing fraudster will know full well his book will never be crowned best seller at WH Smiths. In his warped, vindictive mind, the former drug dealer will have nothing to lose in setting up a deadly trap for his expendable EDLer Pegidans, punishing them for the inevitable boos and heckles when their German speaker from Dresden takes the stage to lecture British nationalists how to be "proper British nationalists". Thus will enfold the ultimate far right betrayal since Hitler shot his beloved military officers.

Ever since compromising pictures of EDL chief-steward Dave Bolton surfaced of him stark butt-naked surrounded by tiny little kiddies in a paddling pool, Stephen Yaxley Lennon has been suspected of amassing memory sticks full of damaging data rendering him untouchable, ensuring he can call on favours if and when he wishes. Loathed as a womaniser, dodgy cartoon tattoos across his nether regions, Bolton is an unsavoury character who dare not say no to Fuhrer Tommy Tit, and will be waiting in the wings to point out their own members to the police, once the trouble begins.

A piss-poor turn-out on the day will signal Tommy's contingency plans accelerated into action. Tommy will claim he banned alcohol on the day, and was not responsible for his supporters getting bladdered pre-demo, as his own cop-out disclaimer, whilst laying all blame on the police and "infiltrators" from rival far right groups. It will take little or no effort on the part of Tommeh, Hel Growler and the rest of the Pegidan leadership for the tinderbox car park demo to ignite in a matter of seconds. Heating up the crowd to boiling point, turning a blind eye to a firecracker or a bottle thrown towards police horses, the cops will respond as expected, the whole rally set to explode violently.

This will not be the Birmingham EDL riot repeating again. Tommy Tit will ensure his own followers take full punishment from the police, without fighting back. After their last violent disturbance a few years ago, there are a fair few officers who lost unpaid time off work and are keen to redress the balance. Tommy is thick but not as thick as his minions. All the more reason for choosing Birmingham, which was selected long before the deadly Paris bombings.

Mild-to-moderate pushing and shoving towards the police lines and a strategically-lobbed missile or two (which he will blame on SEA/NWI/Pie and Mash infiltrators) will inevitably provoke a violent baton-raised backlash. Whilst Pegida stewards will allow the primary missiles to be aimed towards police lines, every single retaliation towards charging police horses, whether in self-defence or not, would be smothered out by Bolton and his security colleagues, leaving the former EDL footsoldiers little more than bloodied punchbags.

Cameras filming a one-way onslaught of the "Enemies Of The State" getting battered by "The State" will ultimately help Tommy sell copies of his woeful "autobiography" of the same title. Tommy Tit will be duly gambling that the hacks of the Mail and Express will (once again) turn fully national-socialist and take up their side of the story with the absurdest of headlines entitled: - "PATRIOTS BRUTALISED BY LEFTIE POLICE".

Such is a price worth paying when you are an egotistical money-generating fuhrer whose only concern is to get rich quick at the expense of everyone else. Tommy Tit will profile himself as a modern-day martyr, whilst getting his expendable supporters to do all the "martyrdom" on his behalf, his cheerleaders getting battered senseless as cannon fodder by police batons and prevented from fighting back, whilst he shelters behind his hefty security men. Tommy Robinson is after all, Tommy Robinson, or whatever the rabble-rousing coward is really called. If the police were to beat one of his lackeys unconscious, he might shift several thousand copies of his book without so much as his ego getting bruised, which would be a major victory not for Pegida but for the greedy self-publicist from Luton.

This is a gamble Stephen Yaxley Lennon is more than willing to take. If the police are indeed are provoked to mount baton charges against his own supporters, numbers could swell for future marches long enough to fire-up book sales. Hilariously, Tommeh's docile followers cannot see it coming. Sit by and stock up on popcorn as Pegidan pillocks are offered up as human sacrifices in yet another momentous British far right betrayal.

Tommy Tit is nobody's savour. He's a very naughty boy.