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#UKIP GO FULL NAZI WITH #PEGIDA‏ @slatukip #ANTIFA @JLRFB @bikeyjezmo @edlnews

ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL | 27.12.2015 12:01 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

Ever since founder Dr Alan Sked left UKIP, accusing Farage of being a far right sympathiser, UKIP have fought off repeated accusations that they are simply a higher class of BNP. When confronted with racist, homophobic or pro-EDL and BNP screenshots, Farage inevitably always develops a blind eye to the fascist filth occupying his party, doing absolutely nothing, every denial leaving UKIP looking less and less electable, coming on the back of their Oldham drubbing. The word on Facebook is Tommy has courted several known Kipper far right sympathisers to join his revamped street fighting Germanic far right "Pegida UK" organisation to join veteran fascist numbnuts Paul Weston on-stage, when he tries to recreate the Nuremberg Rally in Birmingham's City Centre. If these claims prove to be indeed true, UKIP will be in crisis like never before.

Besides the inevitable internal strifes the party will go through, when infamous UKIP politicians choose to share the stage with Tommy Robinson and his German nazi chums, is the time when open season is declared by British antifascists upon the whole of UKIP. From the exact moment Kippers are photographed by the UK press, will be the moment UKIP crosses the rubicon into full-on neo-Nazi territory.

Importantly for ANTIFA, this will be the signal for a series of local and national intrinsic actions against Kippers everywhere. One opportunist open platforming of UKIP's fascist credentials will result in every single UKIP member being treated the same as a Shitain First or BNP member. And sanctioned accordingly by local ANTIFA groups. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. By sharing a platform with Tommy Tit in a breezy Birmingham car park with Tommy Tit, Kippers everywhere will overnight find themselves open-season for direct action against themselves.

The line between hard right and far right once crossed, cannot be reversed, no matter how much backtracking an embarrassed Nigel Farage will attempt. Egg will stick to his scarlet cheeks, and rotten tomatoes, milk, flour and bananas will fly towards kippers the land through, as overnight, "the Kipperati" find themselves allied to the likes of Paul Golding and Nick Griffin. Every party briefing and meeting involving UKIP's members, councillors or even MEPs will be viewed as a meeting of the BNP, and picketed accordingly by everybody opposing their toxic brand of racial politics, once their far right allegiances have been revealed by their attending presence alongside an army of drugged-up, drunken violent fascists. What is Farage doing about this, NOW HE HAS BEEN WARNED?????

Farage had better summon Anne-Marie Waters (@amdwaters), Suzanne Evans (@SuzanneEvans1), and
and Victoria Ayling of "send them all back" fame to his EU-funded mansion to personally discipline them before they speak at the forthcoming neo-nazi rally taking place on February the 6th. Tommy Robinson has reportedly agreed to officially permit Waters, Evans and Ayling to speak at his Birmingham neo-Nazi rally. According to far right Facebook users, Tommeh will be meeting them in middle to late January to discuss their forthcoming racist speeches.

Kippers are of course, no strangers to discipline. A sturdy, bottom-warming sesh of six of the best from an old school cane over the knee of Herr Fromage, would be enough to whip into line even errant Mr Carswell in line, Carswell regarded by many in the party as being "still a Tory", although Carswell will most surely pack his bags by the time the revelations of UKIPers turning full nazi hits the presses , if he hasn't already left. From that moment onwards, without any national representation, and just a scattering of local authority councillors (besides their useless, bone idle, non-attending MEPs), Farage clutching hold of power like Nick Griffin, the party will be slithering headfirst into the gutter and down the drain. The National Front would be sniggering from the viewing gallery, as they entice radicalised Kippers like Anne-Marie Waters to join Ayling in returning to their hardcore white supremacist gang.

It won't just be militant street antifascists taking their gloves off to battle UKIP on the streets like they were the BNP or BF, but the whole of the mainstream political spectrum. Prime Minister David Cameron will be instantaneously provided with all the ammo he needs to brand UKIP an extreme radical political group to be clamped down on by police forces nationwide, thus nullifying any political threat from UKIP ahead of the European referendum.

Will racist pornographer and Kipper funder Richard "Sieg Heil" Desmond finally fall on his sword?, will be the question on everybody's lips. As somebody of Jewish descent, he need only speak to the CST to realise Britain's Jewish community absolutely abhors Islamophobia. Just a few days ago, its was announced that Muslim faith schools would be teaching a better understanding of Judiasm to promote mutual tolerance and understanding. Richard Desmond should realise his newspapers' vile hatemongering towards asylum seekers and Muslims is totally and absolutely out of step not just with his own faith community, but the whole of the United Kingdom. In fact, Desmond is a total embarrassment to Great Britain. The sooner he leaves the country, the better.

As for the drunken EDLer Pegidan thugs itching for a fight - they had better be up for a Battle Royale or else their patriot arses will be well and truly owned by ANTIFA.