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Warming Limitation Treaty a Scam, says VCVG

Ernesto C. Schwarz-Driver | 12.12.2015 16:48 | Climate Chaos | History | Social Struggles | World

In a nutshell, the diplomatic battle between politicians, scientists and activists can be compared to a dynastic inheritance war of the pre-democratic period, in which there used to be four sides: The monopoly clingers, the innovation rivals, the alarmed neighbours and the suffering people. These four sides would then prevail in that order, structuring the feud into four periods: The rebellion, the intervention, the famine and the restoration. In the climate fight, all these ingredients – the fossil lobby, the scientific community, the activist counter- or perma-culture and the war-weary masses – can be found in the set and setting gravitating around the recent diplomatic event in Paris. But a lion´s share of all four also is alive in the Arab Independence Movement – oil administration privileges, cutting-edge counter-intelligence strategy, regional rooting and popular backing. And yet the elephant in the room was not invited to the table in Paris.

This is why the warming limitation treaty worked out there is a self-evident scam, says Valentin Caspar von Grimmelshausen. He compares Saud to Hapsburg as much that both have lost a multi-generation war long before anyone else won it, making it a struggle without winners for most of its duration. Yet the two superficially incompatible sides in the international arena can be framed into the inheritance war scheme as well: The democratic politicians, the independence seekers, the scientist/activist crossover scene and the threatened populations. I talked to a leading policy architect who argues that the quintessence of millennia of war history is that the lifetime of any monopoly is limited, and its death a historical necessity, or more precisely that military means can only extend its death but not its life. VCVG has declined a job as the UN´s IT guru to become a full-time quitter, because in his eyes a hollow tree is worth more than a hollow monopoly.

“The fundamental flaw of the Paris branch of diplomacy is that it sets a warming limitation goal. That is wrong. It should be an influence limitation goal. Science tells us which influence we have on the climate. Diplomats attempting to reach beyond the science are abusing the scientific community as a buffer between their efforts and the requirements of reality. If you agree on, for example a red line of 1.41593 centigrade, then science tells you which emission behaviour is counterproductive to it, that´s non-negotiable even if it is an interval window or a normal curve. Then politics can do what it can to change its emission behaviour. Yet once you would allow science to get absorbed by politics, since in their rivalry over reaching their goals politicians might then hide behind the front lines of scientific disputes, it would just mess up the community and spoil its independence but not enhance any political results in terms of bringing about the required emission reductions. You would become human shields for politicians you did not elect.”

“And since who fails big also leaves behind a lot of small absurdities, it should be noted that the same figures that are lobbying us with nervously drummed-up conferences – in my humble opinion all conferences are a waste of light bulbs – at the very same time are talking about drying up their opponents financial sources and cutting their monetary lifeblood, all of which are dangerous activities increased by the climate emergency and its effect on groundwater deprecation and forest looting. If these people cannot weigh politically motivated financial decisions without rhetorically trumping up with grotesque abuses of Nature, then something is totally wrong with their money. But that is subject of another lesson. When I mentioned that absurdity the first time in public the other day, the fascists boasted their assassination campaign, again proving the existence of a death row. Now they have no way out without saying sorry. The Islamic State is the only surviving hope for an alternative to the Saudi State, and that monopoly has penetrated our politicians and economists so deep that without the former´s help they cannot find together to sanction the latter.”

“How do you look at this from Paris? Europe is as far away from an ecotopian nagaland as Africa from the end of hunger. Napoleon formally slashed Hapsburg two centuries ago, which was the best thing that could happen to the Germanic forests in Europe since the coalition of everyone overran the legionaries. But he failed to get a sustainable clean-up going, and within a few generations the dead empire had been restored under another name. The Prussic and Teutonic nations were such historical aberrations rising from the remainder of the Crusader infrastructure. Then the useless propagandists came up with the idiotic claim that the violence of the restoration war would have been caused by it not having begun earlier, along the line, had we after Napoleon was through continued cutting trees like mad then our grandsons would not have stabbed each other´s back. Bullshit. Would you not attempt to revive a dead empire as a zombie nation there would be no violence.”

“Now, compared to pre-industrial levels, the undead dynasty is sidelined, but the parasite it carried is still to be eliminated. Since the Roman infection all European dynasties had been proliferators of Winer´s Disease. Winer´s Disease is a diagnosis kicking in when a person maintains a vineyard and then caught by an illusion it would make the trees bear fruit goes to the up-hill forest and begins cutting branches there. It is called Winer´s Disease after Professor Dan Winer from the University of the People of the East, who during the 20th century world war found that there is no potato farmer´s disease where the potato planter would climb up-hill to the vineyard to treat those plants like his own, as opposed to appropriate to their species like his own. There is no rice peasant disease that would make the person set the potatoes under water either. He concluded that most likely due to a record of cultural alienation and rootlessness the profession associated with his family name suffered an exceptionalism. Today we also know that this up-hill movement is unrelated to that of cold environment species threatened by climate warming.”

“But that is just one tiny aspect of the failure to produce water-proof emission reductions. There have been truly innovative restructuring proposals put on the table, but the key to a solution of the problem remains a restructuring of the concept of industrial economy, since it cannot be reached by political commitments whose entirety is always less than the sum of its parts. The agreement must proceed to the changes necessary to the economic system as whole in order to reach those reductions. The scientific community does not accept the credibility of national governments as a safety backup, for if it were to buy government bonds without looking into their mouths it would be a central bank not a scientific community. Let me just roll out one showcase example of the kind of fraud that is going on behind our backs. It stops only short of governments producing forgeries of each other´s currency – if you trade in ideas you should have noticed. There was a blatant case of penetration of the scientific community by spies as it has only been usual against activists.”

“A spy masquerading as a scientist trying to make itself a name among scientists. Of course the Lady – kind of a Madame Salome of a decadent subsidy nomenclature in the pockets of Saud – had no actual science, only pompous showcase projects of last century science fiction ideas whose arrangements had been mostly fruitless for decades despite resource-intense research, such as terrestrial fusion or genetic engineering or large scale chemical electricity storage. Generations of so-called research at the price of mass hunger brought nothing but a few plant strains that can take bacteria genes as kind of hitch-hikers, and how to shoot these passengers into those seats, but none of the promised intelligent design. Terrestrial fusion is a dead end as well, causing huge clouds of unhealthy speculation deforming electricity grid architecture planning, and so is nano-technology if you design your life-support systems reliant upon not yet invented nano-technology to repair them from the inside when you reach pension age.”

“As I began writing about that kind of scam science her staff approached me and tried hard to corrupt me. She offered me what she praised as a climate-neutral bio-electric car with a new type of ultra-light battery, but when I checked the prototype in the corporate hangar it turned out that the only electric thing in it was the sound system, and the construction was a sort of multiple tandem taking the muscle power of up to more than a dozen people pedalling in concert. She said I could have it for just one symbolic buck if I signed a four year treaty with a coaching firm hiring the servants and selecting the music. I said, no thanks, she said, we change the treaty, bring your own servants and music. I said, no no, even if I was to cast a group eager to drive around with me on an agreed path, or call upon them to come together and take me collectively if they were interested for a while, I would rather do so without getting corrupted by you. She said, I got it painted in your favourite colour. I said, no no no, the climate protest news wire photograph that shows me with a towel in that colour was taken when I had happened to pick the first available one from a donation to an activist project. She said, look I tailored it especially for you, I said, no way, show me your development notes to get me interested. Then she claimed her dog had eaten them any that my demand would have offended her as a feminist, so I left her alone with it.”

“Then she came back to me telling I could use her bio-electric car to operate a sweatshop franchise. I should declare her present part of my business and show myself around as a boss on the labour market to fill it up. She would then pad it out for me with banking loans. I said, look kid, you behave as if you have no alternative to me, but also as if you do not realise that I do have much better alternatives to you. My science is on another track than yours. Then she suggested her employees could change that. I warned her that it is possible for me to pronounce permanent disqualifications and that she was coming close to it. Then she said, so I am going to corrupt so many others until I get you later, and I said, you are mad, never means never, and if you continue insisting that verdict does not even catch dust. Then she said, I am going to buy you, and I said, get out of my life, which of these words is it that you do not understand. Then she said, profit, and I said, that´s because I did not say that. Then she said that as a woman she felt offended by my persistence, and I said you can take your bio-electric car and plant in on an iceberg. I mean, I rejected the annual Himalayan trip the fossil lobby offered to me, I rejected the Dead Sea holiday resort military intelligence came up with to seduce me, how can you assume I would take a bio-electric car with a business sharing from a science fiction scam instead of seeing it as another proof of ignorance?”

“From a professional perspective, my estimation is that her case is like those late Roman landowners, who subconsciously noticed that for their kind it was an era of decline, but their social role went to limit their imagination, and so they imagined the future populated with giant galleys, and themselves as sort of prototypes thereof, all the more so when all they did was rowing through wine barrels of unlimited size. Today even despite the Revolution is still to complete we live totally different from that. What sealed the death of Rome though was in their decline they hallucinated that their veterans bargain would be attractive beside its monopoly status and opened it for anyone to join in, with the final result that all we know of them besides a few captured military files is a copy of a document claiming to be some kind of protocols of elders of revolting galley slaves that ever since was perceived as sufficiently interesting to be reached through all times in between, though integrity certifications appear to be corrupted.”

“I followed the money, in the uninvolved sense of course, and found that hers came from a military budget – or more precisely, it came from Saud and other monopoly stakeholders, but the initial stage of it always came from a covert military fund enabling her to sort of milk the monopolists to multiply that budget for her scam science. The military would then take her scientific portfolio as a kind of flea market where to cherry-pick rumours as to bolster its speculations. E. g. they would speculate that in a decade or two against their especially nasty landmine of the type X there would be a clean-up system of the kind C developed by one of many newbie scientists currently at elementary school, and then sell that landmine to customers burying it into the ground, and so forth. Can it surprise anyone that this would trigger some newbies to come up with absurd ideas how depictions of female body parts could be used for scientific purposes such as galvanising the attention of colleagues? The grain of salt in it is that having science pimped by the military would be as grotesque as sexual counselling with military means. That absurdity is self-evident even to total newbie kids. Such a society would be wallowing in ignorance and trauma until someone came to slaughter the soldiers.”

“We do have to put the coming overthrow of the Saud and its brothel of vassals and janissaries into the historical context where it belongs, together with the end of the Kaiser, the end of the Praetorian, with the end of the Pharaoh, and the end of the Babylon, of the countless destructive monopolies a legacy name stands for. Spy quote-scientists-unquote in the pockets of the dishonest and their spineless skill of spinning conferences into propaganda opportunities cannot contribute anything useful to that effort. I have regularly been asked what I would interpret as a sign of success. The climate crisis should be an alarm signal for Unitednations to find other invisible mistakes in its agenda that are invisible simply because every single nation in the grouping makes them. That is the normal thing to do for someone finding such a mistake by noticing its natural consequences, check whether there are other mistakes of the same type and how they relate to that one. So far that has not been done by the climate killer states. And worse than that, they are willingly keeping up these mistakes to enable themselves to blackmail dissidents, something serious competitors would never do. This is why in my eyes it is the conditio sine qua non for climate diplomacy to be taken any serious that it unconditionally respects the absolute immunity of hemp.”

Ernesto C. Schwarz-Driver