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Commissioner to Athens: Meat for Austerity

Martin de Goobar | 02.12.2015 14:07 | Analysis | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

When a hospital goes over the brink of operational sanity into the gutter of the market, it is not that one bed of it shuts down after another, but long before that the average time an employee is available to a patient goes down. The overall picture is not so much the cutting of a bundle of flowers out of a reservoir of abundance, but the cutting of a lawn – you can only pluck those daisies before austerity comes through. It is the opposite of healing, where change is expected to take place whose worth is not entirely consumed by the ensuing side-effects or these of the compensations thereof. Austerity, as the term is being used outside the Himalayas, puts shake-up first and the elimination of side-effects later.

To the dismay of all involved, says Dr. Bastian al Abgar in a new study paid by the Will Work Foundation in Singapore. In a car crash a decade ago, the Dominican businessman who once sold supercomputers to the Third World below any embargo radar by means of his South-Africa-based cargo operations left behind a fortune devoted to a solution of the Fracking Problem, and Dr. Abgar is the latest Solution Fellow to hand in a major research program. He says austerity has long gone beyond the art of finding the point when a beach would be overcrowded enough for everyone to jump into bathing suits.

“I have examined hospitals that have gone on beyond the cutting of the lawn of human empathy. They depend on regular watering of the proverbial meadow of their efforts from thereon. Operation depends on horticultural water availability and irrigation systems. In other words, these hospitals that underwent change-first-organise-later-austerity were in regular need of external supervision – the spontaneous extra documentation efforts only visible from the operational side done by slow-working staff would be the daisy heads to be cut off first, and the external supervision would then sort of try to replace them.”

“When the external supervision is deprecated, e. g. due to bureaucratic nepotism, several of these hospitalised hospitals might dry out at the same time. Yet before that, you might be facing the ugly choice to run a crippled hospital with corrupt supervision. Austerity is the plague of the 21st century. The Fracking Problem has other side-effects, but this is the most obvious one. The crass asymmetry of supply and demand resulting out of insane business models brings local asymmetric exploitation into the reach of speculative investment and hence targets some who were not targeted before. And both fracking and austerity have no sense of what is too much, because they only are local appendices of larger events.”

I called the number in Abgar´s press release and asked his bureau whether I could interview him on the case of Greece. What would he say on the Brussels Treaty States´ Agro Commissioner´s recent proposal Greece could finally cut the Gordian knot of debt slavery with giant animal farms serving the world market? Abgar responded with an appointment when I could call in for the interview. There was nothing of the usual “I am your personal robot network friend and would like to cheer or boo you for doing this or that here” clip in the line, as I asked to be forwarded to the austerity doctor.

“Why can´t you abstain from calling me, brother?” – “An Agro Commissioner has left something on the lawn, and we need something to wrap around it.” – “Tell me.” – “An archipelago of factory farms in Greece mass-producing chicken for Africa, pork for India, and beef for the Islamic market, financed by Russian investors, buying American alphabet soup, delivering concentrated fertiliser to Egypt and orchestrated by a German lamp-shop consortium is being proposed as a final solution of the austerity conflict.”

“And that would create Greek jobs or just hire a few migrating Syrians for a while?” – “The argument is that the geography of the Greek islands was ideal for the safety arrangements concerning the vaccinations necessary for large herds.” – “Ideal for spoiled goons out to take the name of their auntie´s parrot and put it on some flashy packages to be spread as widely as possible, maybe change a letter or two to avoid a lawsuit.” – “The people there don´t find it funny. There are some islands where no one has laughed for years.” – “There are doctor applicants who chose the job when they were invited for a piece of red meat to a restaurant as little kids by adults.”

“So the animal farm project could be described as a contribution to economic growth and a balanced budget and sustainable stability?” – “The budget is unbalanced when you squeeze debt into bidding, because that will cause surplus misinvestment. Debt repression. Can be terminal.” – “And in the case of Greece? Should Greece take the Augean Stables Consortium Infrastructure Investment proposal serious?” – “In the case of Greece you see the alternative to the Turkish problem.” – “Turkish problem?” – “If you repeat an election that was spoiled by external meddling as with the NSA leaks against Erdogan, then the result will be stiffer but that does not help.”

“And in Greece?” – “In Greece it was not as in Turkey, in this respect the Brazil of Europe. The snitches in the Nazi Vassal Party helping out in small town polling stations had been instructed that on election day they would receive a code through public media telling everyone which of the smaller parties would have to be pushed out of the vote. The purpose was to deprive Tsipras of any alternative to his current deal except the Nazi Vassals. He could have entered one of the smaller platforms and said from there that he changed his mind. Now Athens has uncovered and documented the snitch signal, and presented the evidence in a lawsuit against Berlin, which relayed it, and Washington, from where it was sent.” – “Should Greece then repeat the election?” – “This is about a few thousand votes split upon a few hundred small towns, in a population barely larger than Libya, where NVP members played a role, and about their weight in the overall result.”

“If Tsipras were to repeat the election without those individuals, this particular instance would be corrected, but it would not be the same, the people would be nervous, as the neighbouring one. What do you want? If you want to collect these who nearly have lost their trust in the procedure, then a repetition does not help, it only helps these who want to do something to keep whatever they have.” – “So?” – “So, in the case of Greece, democracy was undermined in the name of democracy – the snitch activation code is proof – and more democracy does not help.” – “What could help?” – “The animal farms would scale up and down from year to year with world market changes. It is a job security nightmare. They are part of the misinvestment triggered by debt repression. That is the last thing you might want to put on your lawn. And if you put it on a meadow that you have just mowed then you demonstrate that you don´t think the slightest bit ahead of your nearest choice.”

“But is not the purpose of austerity just that, that we do not think ahead and blindly follow our social instincts?” – “Indeed for the factory farm worker it would be double-dip austerity, both in terms that you never know whether you will be had by the same job next year, and that you take on the attitude of making meat to your next job. As I said, some have become doctors.” – “As austerity cannot help, what can?” – “If you abstain from debt repression then you avoid surplus misinvestment. If you avoid getting from too little to too much without a stop at just sufficient, then you will not be a part of the problem. That is the Will Work Consensus.”

“Do you make any specific recommendations?” – “Some people do austerity because they imagine it would leave a neat playground for their children. Before you create an unsustainable playground, get a sustainable life and your little ones will make their own better than you ever could.” – “Does this mean that you are an environmentalist, doctor?” – “I could have said healthy/unhealthy, just strip off all ideological associations.” – “So what does this mean in respect to Greece?” – “As I said, Tsipras sued the lame duck that does not even get its legacy torture centre shut down over the role of Chrysi Avgy assets in the election because they stole his choice to break with his election platform party, join Laiki Enotita and boot out the austerity bureaucrats.”

“And he won´t take the Turkish path, but he wants the stolen option to be implemented without further consideration for the formal reason of the existence of a motive to steal it while it was weighed, not merely another election that would not be the same anyway.” – “So now what about the ASCII proposal?” – “Follow the vaccine profits. Next thing would be they host the pharmalympics. Glyphosate farms that could be blown away by the slightest bit of radiation. And even more so, any impulse of chaos on the food markets could inflate the scale of the facilities. If you don´t have a nightmare today, it may arrive tomorrow without a warning. And it would wrap itself into the lie to have warned you all along the way. Accept my excuse or else I continue.“

“Discard it?” – “This belongs into a category of proposals where you can always make some incremental improvement, but that does not help over their congenital error.” – “Which is?” – “It is an appendix of monopoly totally dependent on it. You could add legislation allowing for the windows in the barns to be opened, and then another package for having them closed when it rains, and yet another one to paint the buildings all in blue, one more to buy all the paint from the same supplier to avoid compatibility problems, and so forth. But you cannot use such changes to eliminate their fundamental internal contradictions and make the business model independent from the monopoly that created it.”

“So what can we do?” – “If you were to weigh the ASCII proposal unbiased, without context, you would be in the situation of a person who gets in contact with GMO corn before getting to know natural corn.” – “A flexible meat tax?” – “And a vaccination tax, and an antibiotic tax, and an insurance tax, and so forth. You can live off the meat, but only if you take the risks chosen by others.” – “Is there a fundamental contradiction between how I handle risks and how finance-based austerity does?” – “With the ASCII proposal you could get banks to take your risks in exchange, and thereby put everything you do into a dependency bubble, and then you would have austerity with banks in it.”

“Who fathered this?” – “The spoiled daughter of an Australian journalist born at the feet of a river dam was married to the heir of an Iowa-based agro-machinery manufacturer for a pension fund speculation.” – “And why?” – “The Fracking Problem includes that investors herded behind such a proposal are being glued together by the same insane speculation. In this case it could mean they would be agitated over the humiliation in Cyprus and thereby comforting each other.” – “Why is there no healthy risk distribution?” – “In every disassembling of monopoly, you may find that certain components of it are specifically designed to be reused for completely different purposes as to specifically influence post-crash behaviour in one direction or another. Post-mortem speculation. The poison is still active when the beast is dead.”

“The debt repression and misinvestment.” – “Exactly. The Will Work Foundation thanks the creator of the Gewindeberg system for the regular input. This way you can fix them.” – “The lawn cut?” – “Everything that will work incrementally follows a basic pattern. The ASCII is a wheel of bricks. Or a castle of air. Plus the noise of the livestock.” – “I see. The project depends on permanent irrigation, when there is no clean water available quasi overnight it becomes an ugly legacy, either inflammable or contaminated.” – “Just like the reactor in the desert or the storehouse in the flooding area.” – “To a practical end, what can Greece do now to terminate it?” – “As I said, it has already sued over election theft. The ASCII could only take hold if the opposing views on meat turn against each other rather than keeping focus on it.”

“Hermann Hesse meets Karl May, but Thor Heyerdahl does not join in?” – “Austerity is not a vehicle to bring about decisions. Austerity is a lame excuse to do damage in the name of these who abstain from it. Some people even prefer the most improvised conditions to any involvement with austerity.” – “Finally, why does Brussels come up with those mad proposals?” – “Collective draft militarism. The austerity you see is the by-product of collective draft militarism. Instead of last century´s individual draft you see volunteer armies drafting entire nations through KKK type propaganda. The military makes the nation mad as to harvest enough volunteers for its murderous greed, and blames it all on peer pressure of other nations. But the actual peer pressure is between the military volunteers, and it defines the taste of its austerity as well. Thanks for healing your world and have a nice day.”

Martin de Goobar