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Potus Stiffens Foreign Occupation Efforts, Gold Community Not Impressed

Ras Ramsay | 24.11.2015 13:36 | Analysis | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

In the past it has been a proven recipe to determine the scope of an international crisis to check the gold trade fever curve, and find shock or trauma successfully thrown back at the one per cent appear as market hiccups. Not so now. The recent terror alarm in Europe, both the concert jihad and the duck-and-cover administration, did not give gold the boost harboured by the idea of a world without central banks but with unrestrained markets, and the plan of bringing it about by the means of separatist accumulation. Instead, the trading floors of the fiat currencies are totally included by the Big Bubble of the currency spill, which inflated all assets throughout the markets and hence remains comfortably invisible from inside. Though the economic capabilities have not multiplied. What does it mean? Was the imperialist monster not hit by the November Offensive, or was it hit so badly that it does not even hurt? This is the expert insight.

Linking up to VCVG was not easy. Had not he approached me watching traders on Wall Street and told me that he would like to leave a message it would never have happened. But it turned out Grimmelshausen had read my reporting on the currency scams, and since there are not many who take a detailed look it was an easy clue. He told me we could meet the other day at a public library where he would occasionally use a desk. For now the weather is nice and have a good time.

“Have you noticed what is going on around these people when they take a walk to get rid of some stress?” he said showing me an empty plastic bag. “Whenever I talk to one of them I do ask him whether he knows why that bag is red and not black. From their response I can immediately determine whether they see through it.” I told him that I could not see through either colour and asked to elaborate. “Quite simple, the red bags are easier to spot along the way.”

“Users are expected to dispose them into garbage cans once they have taken up the waste, not behind trees or stones. Just like in a government budget where you would prefer openly visible red numbers to covert debt hidden behind an auctioning off of business licenses. Economic speculation is to be contained in the stock market, not to be spread out as the daily dish of the government. Bags like these are being provided by the public administration for dog owners to live up to their duties.”

“Is that what traders spend their time with?” – “Mostly not, but they intuitively understand the colour coding. And some do understand that I mention it because of what is going on around them. Since I published the findings on the NSA honking program, I found that the evil empire has a similar program targeting the financial markets. And I am asking you to report about it as a punitive measure to see its originators receive a significant taste of their own medicine.”

“One of the specifics of the honking program is that scientists usually do not have social enemies, unless you are doing irresponsible stuff like animal testing or geo-engineering or genetic manipulation, but then you tend to have more critics in your own community than outside thereof. Yet traders do, and that enables our common anti-social enemy to masquerade the actions it carries out not only as bad manners but also as social grudges. For programs like this they are even easier targets, and NSA is doing everything it can to exploit that.”

“Are you sure that you can take care of your stomach, before we continue?” I said I would pass on the warning to our readers and took a deep breath. “What the spies do is, they bring their pets on the job, usually it is private dogs but the cages in the cars are being paid by the employer, and then they take them out as close to the target as they can and have them defecate there. The poor animals are sitting in their boxes the whole day, and only when some target takes a walk around the park to make a sound decision how to keep the balance they are let out to convey what their owners have in mind.”

“If you were a trader you might be thinking that people hate you because the operations centre of that corporation whose shares went through your hands wasted their time or something like that. You know, like some sports fans might be angry at the fans of the other team because they were annoyed by the brain-dead customer service of the advertiser who put its logo on their clothing. Do you now know whom I mean?”

“So this is why traders tend to retreat into their private properties and rather take a cab than a walk?” - “There may be some people just coincidentally taking out a pet, and some animals with a silent guess of their owner´s preferences. But mostly it is the air-drop program, because that is a matter of investment. NSA is watching stock market movements very closely and is willing to waste considerable amounts of money with no clear purpose against people deciding over huge amounts of money.”

“The victim of your job cut however might have difficulties paying the ticket for the public transport to your workplace, and probably will have to chose whether to keep the dog or the flat. But that way you will be unlikely to get into a friendly chat with the occasional messenger of the bad news. Just like the honking program, the air-drop program is aimed to produce so much ado about nothing that the sound of sceptics would be drowned in noise.”

“There also might be weird side-effects, such as a trader coincidentally eating a lunch in face of a nursing home, the program kicking in full force because the agents find their target to be in a weak task, and the other day the inmates hallucinate they were the city council. Generally, traders like to know the precise amount of effort the government is employing against them, so they can decide over the amount of money they would drop on the street to cover the cost of the anonymous nursing of their rogue followers.”

“Is it a surprise for these professionals to learn that their security services are totally deprecated?” – “It is pivotal to understand that deprecated is not necessarily the same as defunct. It is not that they were on strike, it is way way worse, they are in mutiny. They are trying to manipulate individual traders as to control the entire market. They are not clearly telling what they want to see, but they will be harassing you the more what you do is different from that. The working hypothesis is that the behaviour patterns with which they interact with their livestock are being projected upon human targets.”

“If that is not defunct in the worst sense of the word then you need another description for the worse than nothing state. Yet the problem is, rather would Evangelicals serve GMO cookies in an entry campaign than these guys allowing themselves to become somebody´s tools. No offence intended, I am well aware that this could only happen if the environmental conservation movement were to become laxer on the military than your trademark bunch of cultists selling their apocalyptic propaganda in the streets. I chose the GMO example because you don´t want to buy from your enemies the means to get killed by them.”

“According to my sources, it was cupcakes at a Baptist convention. Is this the Valentin Caspar Von Grimmelshausen way to speak about gold?” – “I have been waiting for the point at which you would come to ask so frankly. Yes, there is a regular pattern that these shifting their assets into gold as to avoid getting hurt in a currency collapse have been targeted by the air-drop program. Doing so is a more consistent trigger thereof than everything else. So the current lack of a gold rush could be rated as an indication that NSA is stiffening its pressure on the traders as to postpone the imminent currency meltdown.”

“At the same time, it is sane not to rely upon gold as long as the Big Crash has not yet happened, because under the current circumstances the multiplication effects cause so much mining that gold might not be worth very much after the crash.” – “Are you convinced of a final crash?” – “I am convinced that it is plausible as a river to say that NSA is, otherwise these god-damned morons would not put that much effort into their air-drop program. I advise everyone to invest in gold only for their own purposes, but never for an ambition to convince others of something or any other indirect effects you might think of.”

“You cannot convince these honks, because the only truth they can reach from within their roles is pack up and go home. All those bases everywhere, before we need a fourth digit to count them. Yes, I am convinced that the existence of such an amount of meaninglessness all sticking together in one big grotesque conglomerate is a harbinger of a crash to come, likewise when the honks come to say `Humanity, we have got a problem´ that would be an indication of possibilities to avoid it.”

“What do you as a defining expert make of the NSA air-drop program?” – “I leave it to you to decide what is worse: Meddling in a peaceful situation, or meddling in a conflict in need of resolution. Yet there can be no doubt that this program falls into the latter category. The conflict topology here is that people who are being kettled face choices they would otherwise have left behind before beginning to chose.”

“If a careless trader smashed your material existence then you might suddenly be in that situation. So the stock market control exercised through the animal harassment of individual traders can be read as an indication that we have got the agents kettled – our allies are mirroring them all the feelings they would like to impose upon us, have you noticed the blabber? Once that is so tough legislation must be driven into them.”

“But take care that not every opponent of the crap is true. We reject it because we respect human will. But some merely do to steal the topic, and intend to dispose over people against their will. My own government does not listen to my wish to give my birth-house to refugees. There comes a point when all the false flags are torn down at once. No state constitution may put itself above the unimpeachability of human dignity. If any attempts still, we can always claim we liked the output of the program so much that we do not want to touch it.”

Ras Ramsay