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Does Mark Carney care if Huntingdon Life Sciences is killing people?

Rhonda Moorhouse | 21.11.2015 12:14 | Health | London | World

Even though the Bank of England provides banking services to animal-testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, failed to confirm,when asked, that HLS has not passed as safe any lethal drugs. He was responding to a Freedom of Information request.

On 19th October 2015 Rhonda Moorhouse, from Liverpool, sent a Freedom of Information request to Mark Carney QC, Governor of the Bank of England, about the banking services that the Bank of England has provided to HLS since 2nd July 2001, containing these questions:-

1. Have you or any of your predecessors ever seen any evidence showing that HLS has NOT tested and passed as safe any of the large number of pharmaceuticals that have killed people,e.g.: Vioxx, Propulsid, Baycol, Redux, Exjade, Primodos/Duogynon, Lamisil, Yaz/Yasmin, Zyban?

2. if not, why did you and your predecessor(s) agree, and why do you, yourself, continue to agree to provide banking services to HLS without seeing the aforementioned evidence?

On 11th November 2015 Wendy Galvin of the Information Access Team of the Bank of England responded on behalf of Mr Carney and gave this reply:

"I can confirm that the Bank does not hold information within the scope of your request."

No other information was volunteered.

Rhonda Moorhouse
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