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'World Day for Animals' Campaign to close

Still Fighting | 12.11.2015 12:07 | Animal Liberation

At last year's animal rights gathering where people normally plan the following year's world day for animals in laboratories, there was a long discussion about why numbers on marches have been dropping over the last few years, and whether people thought it might be more effective to focus on local group actions instead of a national march. It was felt that it would be inspiring for local groups to organise their own events and may enable them to get some new people involved however that has not been successful and we have made the difficult decision to close the campaign.

The animal rights movement in this country is probably now the weakest it has been since it really got started in 1984 and we did not take this step without a lot of discussion and thought.

We will maintain the website as an archive of the wonderful, inspiring, loving and committed people who did so much to raise the profile of vivisection in this country.

The fight of course does go on but with different tactics and probably different people.

Thank you to all those who supported us.

For the animals, for all animals.

Still Fighting
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  1. Others of us are still fighting — SHAC until the day I die
  2. A shame but this is part of a trend — Terri
  3. Words fail me. — P