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Neo-Nazis Fail to Halt Portsmouth Pro-Refugee Rally

Spotted Portsmouth | 10.11.2015 20:28 | Anti-racism | Migration | Policing

A handful of Neo-Nazis from the "Pie & Mash Squad", a violent splinter group of the now discredited EDL, failed to halt an estimated 200 Portsmouth residents who held a march and rally in solidarity with those suffering during the current refugee crisis.

Clad all in black and mostly covering their faces with scarves and balaclavas the eight fascists repeatedly attempted to halt the march through the city centre this afternoon. Violent scuffles broke out at several stages during the march with the far-right extremists battling with Police and members of the refugee rally.

Throughout the two-hour event Police were constantly vigilant to the handful of fascists who pushed, shoved and abused members of the public and assaulted a local reporter for The News. Despite online boasts of being joined by "crews" from London and Bournemouth the only back-up they received was from local UKIP activist and racist Joanne Trueman and her simple brother.

The contrast between the two groups was very noticeable with the far-right contingent looking like Gothic Nazis whilst the refugee side comprised babes in arms to pensioners, covering a wide cross-section of the local community.

The event culminated in Portsmouth Guildhall Square with speeches being made by the refugee camp as councillors filed past to attend a full council meeting.

Hampshire Police report that at this time they have not made any arrests but are studying operational video footage following the event.


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