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ProtonMail Up!!

Crow | 08.11.2015 21:23 | Technology

Protonmail is working again!!

Good news. Protonmail is back up.Follow this link.



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is this a sub for the lists that have vanished without explaination?

12.11.2015 19:50

this link stopped working a couple years ago

saved lots in email account and from wayback and cache but makes you wonder why....

lots of peeps with agendas trying to hijack indy?


Indymedia lists

13.11.2015 08:32

All the Indymedia lists were shut down some time ago. Global Indymedia is a project that has ended in real terms just as Indymedia UK has. Although there are still the odd one or two posts there is no need for the comprehensive lists we once had as there are no new Indymedia sites, no discusison of subjects or work being done on the Indymedia project.


Other Israeli links

17.11.2015 09:56

Only this morning when I went to my kitchen for breakfast I noticed the milk had been all used. I am reviewing the CCTV outside the house but am sure this was an Israeli army operation to deprive me of food because I once went on a pro Palestinian march when I was younger.

Always remember anything that goes wrong in the activist world is an Israeli plot.


To Tim

18.11.2015 07:29

Yeah I think Monty Python covered this one in the stoning scene in The Life of Brian, Tim. Who is this Guy?



19.11.2015 10:45

Seems to be


On indy email archive

25.03.2016 20:59

I used a web spider to create an archive of all the elists. I had been running a web spider on them for quite some time, and before the split, so I am pretty sure I have comprehensive coverage that includes certain deletions.