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Moron Hunt through Haze October

Not A Newbie Anonymous | 16.10.2015 22:13 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | Technology | World

A Brief Introduction to Cyber Peace and Cyber War (PDF)

The “Learning By Doing” principle suggests that the most elegant way to explain the inner workings of cutting-edge cyber warfare to an unsuspecting human being is a demonstration how it is being done and how its results look like on the map of general public knowledge. This method exploits the dilemma of impact explanation – namely that the inappropriateness of openly discussing target details to obtain sound proof of distortion, forgery and deceptive intent forbids any transparent response – in order to document the general method behind such attack to help targets to early recognise, wholeheartedly repel and strongly reciprocate against it.

Not A Newbie Anonymous


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Moron Conquest In Leafy October

30.10.2015 15:30

Not A Newbie Anonymous

Moron Cleanup for the Revolution

12.12.2015 17:47

The Diego Garcia Triangle of Cyber Peace and Cyber War

Not A Newbie Anonymous

Moron Deconstruction for the Revolution

11.03.2016 17:21

The L Cubes of Cyber Peace and Cyber War

Not A Newbie Anonymous

Moron Annulment by Superior Fire Power

25.06.2016 09:57

Not A Newbie Anonymous