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Migration crisis is an accelerator of European nationalism

Lunatic Joe | 12.10.2015 10:28 | Migration | World

Undoubtedly, Europe has never faced such a massive influx of migrants in the wake of migration crisis keeping pace with aggravation of situation in Middle East. And it’s painfully clear now that the EU political institutions turned out to be ineffective in meeting the emerging challenges.

The failure of the countries closely tied politically and economically to derive some common position, as well as practically total absence of any borders in Schengen zone, has resulted in divisions and chaos. The neighboring countries start erecting barbed wire entanglements and construct blocking posts with soldiers armed to the teeth ready to open deadly fire at any moment. Refugees in unthinkable numbers are flooding the countries agreed to host only a tiny portion of them. Mass demonstrations, either supportive or negatively treating immigrants in need of help, are now common in places where until recent time such manifestations of social protest have been a rare and even unique occurrence.

Naturally, under such circumstances when the authorities lack vigor to make up decisions probably the most vital in modern history, there are some attempts underway to fill the vacuum by moulding a new force able for decisive action. The most radical forces are gaining popularity now, and they feel themselves in the position to offer their recipe of an escape from the crisis, just here and now.

The Knights Templar is one of the organizations which have chosen it to turn to action. Their ‘address to indigenous Europeans’ signed by Anders Breivik ( was issued right at the height of events and may well play the key role in uniting of all the far-right Europeans under the aegis of fighting the uncontrolled immigration (I saw it here, but it was deleted by moderator for nationalistic content). Their activities may give birth either to some new mighty party massively supported in all the countries or a terrorist nationalistic organization exercising ‘justice’ by ‘sacrificing the minority to save the majority’ (quote Anders Breivik).

Still, despite their choice of the way to go we may firmly state that European authorities have awaken a beast difficult to be put to sleep again, if it is possible at all.

Lunatic Joe