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Numbers low, help needed NOW !

Stop The Arms Fair | 16.09.2015 16:24 | Anti-militarism | London

Although last week saw a reasonable number of people attend actions to disrupt the set up of DSEI arms fair at the Excel Centre the numbers protesting the actual fair this week have been very disappointing.

We need help !

Tonight at Trafalgar Square there is a woman only event but tomorrow we are asking as many people as possible to meet and greet the arms dealers as they arrive or leave the death fair. Today as the event finished there was only six of us and of course it is difficult to make much of an impact with so few.

If people could spare just a few hours at the start or end of the day that would really be appreciated. The Garden Café is the meeting and coordination point.

The Garden Cafe
7 Cundy Road
E16 3DJ

Numbers have been really low this year so as many people as possible are needed to let the arms dealers know they are not welcome in London.

Please don't let us down.

Stop The Arms Fair
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Very much a worry

16.09.2015 16:58

I was there on Saturday and we did manage to blockade a few trucks and cause delays but in all honesty with so few people present it was hard to really make a big difference.
The numbers protesting at DSEI are really disappointing and upsetting and it was obvious from how few cops there were in attendance that they knew there would be low numbers (how?). In 2013 we already saw a lot less people compared to the 2011 event and now there are fewer still.

Meanwhile the arms fair continues to expand with an extra 47 exhibitors this year and visitor numbers expected to reach an all time high. I find all this upsetting and depressing and it really got to me today when there was only three of us at one point near the Custom House station.


Sorry to hear this....

17.09.2015 06:56

Sorry to hear this.I was there on Saturday as well, first at the main gate then moved to the west gate. Like the above comment says we stopped and delayed a few trucks. I'm sorry to hear that there is such a low attendance this week but I am unable to get there; if I could I would. I met many good people there and there were some good acts of solidarity. Hopefully we can do better the next time.
All the best to everyone and good luck


the fight goes on

17.09.2015 13:09

This is not about dsei 2015, this is about the start of stopping dsei 2017