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Migrant help needed, could that be you ?

Arie Van Boeem | 26.08.2015 13:04 | Migration

Autonoom Centrum is setting up a new feeding, medical, cultural, legal and clothes center in Calais and we need volunteers.

We will be providing all that the asylum seekers need before their difficult journey to England. We are currently working with Syrian and Eritrean peoples here in the Netherlands who are preparing for the last part of their trek and we are looking to expand that work by opening a new center in Calais so we can help them right up until the last moment.

We need volunteers with skills in the following areas

Medical training - doctors and nurses. Many have walked long distances and need treatment to feet etc plus they are often suffering from malnutrition.

Legal - it is vital that migrants and asylum seekers know their rights to ensure the Fascist English government cannot expel them illegally once they reach there and also they need advice and sample documents to help them claim their benefits and housing needs.

Food preparation - Can you cook food that reflects the cultural and religious needs of people from all over the world, or do you want to learn ?

The new center is going to be open near the Jungle camp and will be open in about ten days but we need volunteers now.

Please contact us at the email here or call +31 20-6126172

Autonoom Centrum
Bilderdijkstraat 165F
1053 KP Amsterdam
telefoon: +31 20-6126172
fax: +31 20-6168967

Arie Van Boeem
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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Also needed

26.08.2015 14:20

If people do come we also need tools to help the migrants cut the new extended fencing around the Eurostar Terminal. The best sort of wire cutters are the diagonal cutting plier type which are the best for the thick reinforced wire now used on the first perimiter fence. Also useful for the same reason are head torches of the LED type. There is a shortage of sleeping bags and good boots if they can be spared as well.

Liefde voor alle volken

Arie Van Boeem


27.08.2015 04:35

Any particular reason the "Syrian and Eritrean peoples" you are working with can't claim asylum in the Netherlands ? Do you help any of them with the documentation to claim benefits there or are you just glorified people smugglers helping to move them on once again ? Are you part of the problem.


The streets are not paved with gold

30.08.2015 19:28

It's about time someone had the honesty to tell immigrants wanting to come here what it's really like. People are sleeping in the streets, without voluntary contributions our poorest would be starving or dead. The disabled are being forced in to work or forced off benefits and taking their own lives because they see no future for themselves. The indigenous working class are being shafted from all sides just like the indigenous working class in Greece and Portugal.

Immigrants should be guided towards the houses and estates of the rich and powerful and equipped to make it their own...

3rd gen migrant


17.09.2015 19:13

As has been said what is wrong with Holland, when people demand to go to a certain country it makes me suspicious , and the motives of the people helping them...£££££££