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BLACK SKIN, WHITE FATIGUES Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment

black jacobin | 14.08.2015 21:01 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Terror War | London

As part of the First Annual Malcolm X Summer Festival, the Malcolm X Movement is organising this event: Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment. End Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army

Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment
colonialism's 'martial races', mercenaries and death squads

Speakers will focus on Asian and African recruitment into colonial armies, recruitment strategies today and the covert recruitment of mercenaries delivering imperialist aims today.

Free light refreshments will be provided.


- Marika Sherwood - Presenting her research on recruitment of African people into colonial armies

- Roshan Kissoon - On Gurkha (Nepali) recruitment

- Moustafa Traore - speaking on French colonial recruitment of African peoples and their uses in divide and rule of African and Asian colonial peoples

- Sukant Chandan - On recruitment of the colonially defined 'martial race' of Punjabis into the British Army

Sun Aug 16th 4pm, Marx Memorial Library.
Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU (2mins walk from Farringdon tube)
There will be free light refreshments provided
£5 suggested entry

This event will raise the issue of ending Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army.
For more information on this issue for those interested:


black jacobin
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14.08.2015 21:04

sorry the poster is put on twice. my mistake.

The poster is by Palestinian artist Hamza of Intifada street.

black jacobin