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ACTION: Close the Ripper Museum - Weds 12th August 6pm

Class War | 08.08.2015 18:01 | Gender | Social Struggles | London

Mark Palmer-Edgecumber's a fraud and a capitalist misogynist. He wants to exploit the brutal murder of working class women to line his already bulging pockets.

After last week's protest we are going back for more, angrier, feistier than ever!

No tube strikes, so no excuses!

Be there and bring noise, banners and determination! This Museum of Misogyny shall NOT open!!!

12 Cable Street

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Class War


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Defend the Community in the East - Defeat the Contagion of Captalist Corruption

11.08.2015 13:20

We back this demo all the way.


Relective comment

23.09.2015 08:53

When taking pictures of windows it would be reasonable to bear in mind the fact that you could also be photographing yourself through reflection.

Just a passing thought.