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CURO Housing criticised by Housing Ombudsman over asbestos complaint records

RIP | 07.08.2015 09:21 | Education | Health | Public sector cuts | Wales | World

"The Curo Group suggested you might want to pursue a legal claim through its insurers, rather than identify liability through its complaints procedure, If you are of the view that the Curo Group was liable for exposing your family to asbestos."...

This poor record keeping in complaints correspondence is inappropriate.

I have made additional findings in relation to the Curo Groups record keeping.

There was a service failure in the Curo Groups record keeping in relation to complaint correspondence.

I have made the following recommendations to the Curo Group in relation to this finding:

1)That the Curo Group reviews its record keeping practises for complaint correspondence

2)The Curo Group should consider retaining correspondence relating to a complaint, including emails, in a designated location

3)Curo Group staff should be reminded of the importance of maintaining contemporaneous records." (Housing Ombudsman 05.08.15)