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New front line video from the fierce austerity riots (Athens 15 July)

@ | 20.07.2015 15:24 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

New front line video from the fierce riots that took place in Athens on 15 July 2015, during a protest outside the greek parliament against the new austerity measures.

While inside the greek parliament MPs were voting for new austerity measures that will annihilate the people in Greece, in the streets of Athens outside the people were sending their own message, “this is Class War”. Reacting to the dynamic protest of the people, the Riot Police of the self proclaimed left government of SYRIZA was giving protesters a taste of what’s to come. Not only you will go hungry, you will be beaten up and asphyxiated with gas too if you dare to demand or fight for dignity.

From late 2009 that Greece has contracted the virus of the capitalist crisis,
-more than 1.000.000 have lost their job
-30% of businesses have closed
-38% salary reduction
-45% pension reduction
-30% household income reduction
-42,8% increase in child mortality
-190,5% unemployment increase
-35,5% public debt increase
-272,7% increase of depression rate
-98,2% increase in poverty rate
-2 people commit suicide every day

(data 2009-2014)




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25.07.2015 19:47

inspiration for all of us. Forget the olympics or any other sports this is what will keep you fit, physically and mentally...

We are all Greeks