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EDL/BNP paedophile, Robert Ewing, found guilty of the murder of Paige Chivers

N4Zi-HuNT3R | 11.07.2015 09:53 | Anti-racism | World

Over the last three years, the British National Party and the English Defence League have held demonstrations in Blackpool over the murders or missing teenagers Paige Chivers and Charlene Downes, blaming members of the local Muslim population.

Far right activist Ewing
Far right activist Ewing

Sceenshot from The Times
Sceenshot from The Times

Yesterday, BNP/EDL member Robert Ewing has been found guilty of the murder of Paige at Preston Crown Court.

Ewing groomed the vulnerable schoolgirl and then murdered her in August 2007. Paige’s body has never been found.

Among known associates of Ewing were:

Andrew Edge – former EDL Stockport organiser, currently in prison.
Jeffaz Carr – EDL Yorkshire.
Mark Hogg – EDL Peterborough.
Tony Davis aka Arthur Disbury – former Devon EDL activist.
Darren Bird – EDL Wolverhampton supporter who once threatened to kill Muslims in a bid to start a race war.
James Devine – Leader of the self-styled and largely defunct paramiltary group, Combined Ex Forces.
Bob Greensmith – Former Stoke-on-Trent BNP activist.
Rob Brammer – EDL Southampton
Paul Scully Sloane aka Paul Prrk Chops Scully – EDL Telford activist.

None of the above protested the trial of Ewing.




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