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Rachel Dolezal case proves 'melting pot' to be false

Anonymous | 30.06.2015 10:10 | Anti-racism | Other Press | World

Their aim is career development, our aim is a better life.
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Notorious scandal with Rachel Dolezal who had for years pretended to be black moved racial problems in the USA up to a new level. To be more exact, they were given a new direction – transracism, which falsely allows people to choose a race to identify with. It is false, because you cannot choose a skin color or shape of your eyes, you are not the master of the nature. It is merely a deception, an attempt to veil a white woman's intention to make her career on the adversities of the colored. She knows nothing about being black since your birthday. She never went to school or college where teachers privately hate you because of your skin. She will never understand what it is to work with people who whisper behind your back that it was your race rather than your skills which made them hire you. She wore the black mask only when in benefited her, when there were people around her, who shaped her career, when it made her look better.
Still the true problem is not with Rachel Dolezal, she is just a common liar who tries to cover her as*. Heart of the matter is that this behavior is characteristic of the majority of our white human rights activists and politicians. They invent new expressions like transracism in order to justify their lies. They do not advocate rights of the colored, but rather make the impression of it. They show off. They see it as being in the mainstream fashion, as making political gains.

There is a huge abyss of misunderstanding and rejection yawning between blacks and whites. We live in absolutely different worlds, we have different values and perceptions. We are like liquids with different densities: we coexist in a country but we do not blend no matter how hard we try. We do not need fine words and fashion-based trends. What we need is right actions. Yet, when there should be trust and honesty, we face deceit and contempt. Rachel Dolezal's lie has again proven that the idea of melting pot is false. All the previous attempts to solve racial problems of America have been fruitless. We desperately need a new approach based on alternative thinking.
We need America of our own!