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Exposing Exposers of MH17

Hushup Joe | 09.06.2015 11:31 | Analysis | World

Turning onto Ukrainian problems I even started calling back my Russian lang (instead of improving my bad German, shame of me!) Thus exercising at Russian blogs I found a large assay by a popular blogger,
part 1
part 2

In it he gives his evaluation of the Forensic Analysis of Satellite Images Released by the Russian Ministry of Defence, which was published at the popular website for citizen journalism Bellingcat (

I dared to make approximate translation blogger ntv’s exploratory studies. That was a lingering and painful process but I like the road less travelled. I displaced some fragments. However still cannot call it Easy Reading.

The detailed and solid analysis and quite reliable evidence proves incompetence and prejudice of the well-known investigative journalistic group.

One by one the author downgrades all methods used by Bellingcat group,

"1. Metadata analysis.
2. Error level analysis (ELA) of JPEG-coding. In theory this method helps to reveal modified areas of an image.
3. Comparing dates according to indirect indicators.

It especially looks extremely solid for a layman. Right off the bat, the group makes a convenient discovery that Russian MoD used Adobe Photoshop CS5 software. How can we cop out after such an argument."

At the same time the blogger comes up with such arguments as words of a creator of that ELA service the Bellingcat used Dr. Neal Krawetz about his total noninvolvement into "their faulty analysis."

Also I wasn't able to squeeze all pics as they were into indymedia format.
That is why here is the link for my exercises together with the article illustrations,

As a conclusion the blogger writes :

"We live during an uneasy time. An entire information war is going on. There are no good or bad in it. There are only side A and side B. There are no either any rules, or honor, or moral in it. Thus don’t you listen open-mouth and believe everything you are told. Even if you much want it would be truth. Keep calm, don’t become a mindless tool in other hands and don’t allow manipulating you."

Strongly agree

Hushup Joe