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No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel

RadFem Collective | 01.06.2015 17:07 | Gender | Sheffield

Public meeting to be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015, 1:00pm 4:00pm, Sheffield (venue to be announced).

No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel
No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel

Following on from the successful event on 28 February in Nottingham, Julie Bindel will again be talking about the No Platforming of Radical Feminists, followed by more than an hour of questions and discussions.

The event is organised by RadFem Collective and Miranda Yardley and will take place Saturday 6 June 2015 between 1 and 4pm.

This is a mixed event and everyone is welcome, whatever your views.

We are trying to make this event as inclusive and productive as possible and get as many people involved in this as we can, with all viewpoints. To do this, it is incredibly important that we can have a respectful dialogue with each other and not resort to name-calling or personal attacks. Please respect this.

The venue we are using for the talk is fully wheelchair accessible. If you have any other accessibility needs, please let us know about them and we will do our very best to meet them.

The ticket price is purely to cover costs such as room and PA hire. Everyone involved are volunteers.

Read more about our campaign to challenge the no-platforming of radical feminists:

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good luck!

01.06.2015 18:19

as i am not in Sheffield, I cannot attend, but I wish you good luck.
the issue as i see it is about free speech. i am not a big fan of Kate Smurthwaite, but it was outrageous to ban her from the uni. this attempt to ban everything and everyone who says anything vaguely controversial will create a campus where only one set of views is allowed. this cannot be good.

good luck!

not the only dreamer

No platforming

03.06.2015 15:39

The problem with no platforming is that it is a form of discrimination that has no end. Today we no platform the BNP, tomorrow it's UKIP, next week anybody whose views we disagree with.

There is no place for no platforming in a modern democratic society.


@t No platform only for fascists.

03.06.2015 21:08

yes there is a valid use of no platform. it is aimed strictly at fascists, and it is to stop them organising or promoting their views in any way. But it should not be used against non fascists who simply have views we may disagree with, ie pro life, anti gay marriage Christians. They are not fascists. UKIP are not fascists, they are simply Tories with some anti immigration views. The BNP are fascists, and so are Golden Dawn, and they should be no platformed.

kate Smurthwaite, Dieudonne, Dolce and Gabbana, the Pope, etc should not be subject to no platform. they should simply be argued against.

a type of Autonomen black bloc was directed against a philosopher, Peter Singer, who argued that there were grounds for infanticide in the case of severely disabled children over a decade ago. Singer is not a fascist, and should never be subject to such an action. this war against free speech started long ago on the left, and the anarchist left is as censorious as the authoritarian left.

no platform