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David Rovics in Concert - Casa, Hope Street, 8pm Saturday 23rd May

Jim Larkin | 15.05.2015 16:12 | Culture | Palestine | Workers' Movements | Liverpool

Come and see David Rovics in Concert in Casa, Hope Street, 8pm Saturday 23rd May

Dear Friends,

The radical singer and songwriter, David Rovics, will be playing at Casa in Hope Street, Liverpool, at 8pm on Saturday, May 23rd, as part of his Spring 2015 European Tour.

An artist for our time, David’s powerful and moving songs address a range of injustices including the imposition of austerity, the occupation of Palestine, the exclusion and criminalisation of refugees and the homeless, the torture and internment of prisoners, the perpetuation of the military-industrial complex and the ongoing and inspiring opposition to these attacks on our dignity as human beings.

David’s work is also very uplifting, and many of his songs propose real possibilities for finding ways forward: if you’re looking for some inspiration after last week’s election result, then this gig will be the very thing for you. So come along, bring your friends, meet some new ones and enjoy an evening of celebration, protest and solidarity that you will remember for a long time to come.

David’s songs include “Jenin”, “They’re Building a Wall”, “Trayvon”, “Song for Chelsea Manning,” “Union Makes Us Strong” and “Saint Patrick’s Battalion”.

The cover charge will be £6 waged, £4 unwaged.

It promises to be a great night, and it would be brilliant to see you there!

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- The concert is being promoted on Facebook:!/pages/David-Rovics-in-Concert-Casa-29-Hope-Street-Liverpool/1844244652467244?fref=ts

Jim Larkin


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Where else is Rovics playing?

16.05.2015 16:09

Is Rovics playing anywhere else in the UK? London, Bristol, Manchester??

i'm a better anarchist than you