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CURO Housing - Asbestos contaminated tenanted housing stock.

A Tenant | 11.05.2015 15:26 | Education | Health | Social Struggles | Wales | World

"There are many properties with asbestos that are not logged...I would hesitate to tell tenants about known asbestos..." (email from B&NES Council Housing Department to Curo Housing Chief Executive 2nd November 1999 5.00pm)

"Many if not most properties built prior to 1970 will have products containing asbestos. Approximately 75% (8000 plus) of Curo's housing fall into this category...

Within B&NES Council, a register of properties containing asbestos was commenced and disclosed on the sell-off. The list however was far from complete and identified properties where there was an existing knowledge...

To attempt to survey all properties and take remedial action to remove asbestos would appear to prsent costs and activity out of all proportion to the risk." (letter B&NES Council Director of Housing to Curo Chief Executive 24/01/2000)

"The asbestos which has been identified in Curo properties is, in all cases, on the outside of the buildings." (B&NES Council Director of Housing & Social Services Bath Chronicle 1st September 2000)



Customer - Curo Housing Group 04/04/2014

Ground floor - hall, gas cupboard, kitchen, living room ASBESTOS DETECTED. 1st Floor- landing, W.C, bathroom, bedroom 1, bedroom 2 ASBESTOS DETECTED."

This asbestos only detected 9 years after extensive repairs and improvements carried out on property by Curo Housing.

We look forward to the Housing Ombudsmans impending report into this scandalous situation ASAP.

A Tenant


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  1. Your not the only person to have been exposed ! — Very concerned