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The party that never was.

Ian | 09.05.2015 10:25

Readers may remember this posts a few days ago that promised a massive party in Trafalgar Square last night.

What happened ?

As I was near Trafalgar Square last night having dinner with friends we decided to drop by and check out the party. It was around 9pm when we arrived expecting to see the promised massive event in full swing. As the photos here show the reality was less than "massive". The three bike powered sound systems tried their best to get the crowd dancing but the lack of people meant that the atmosphere was lacking and the biggest crowd was a group of bemused Chinese tourists filming with their mobile phones.

The silent zone had precisely two people looking like a couple of drunks and that what that. The event was in the end so small the cops didn't even notice it was happening.



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"the party that never was"

09.05.2015 15:42

I thought you were referring to Respect UK.

oh sorry