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Free protest party, Trafalger Square

London Free Party Posse | 04.05.2015 11:56 | Free Spaces | London

As the sickening saga of this so called 'democratic' election grinds to its foregone conclusion other people have decided they are having nothing to do with it and have decided what London needs is a bloody good free party !

On Friday 8th of May we are inviting all people to join us, the London Free Party Posse, in Trafalgar Square at 7pm for a truly unforgettable party to remind the politicians of all parties we have no interest in their election.

There will be three separate music zones with peddle powered sound systems providing a mixture of different dance favourites. A fourth area will be a Silent Disco where people can dance to whatever is on their music players. We are asking people to bring nothing with them, we don't want to give the cops any excuse to stop the party so just turn up and we will provide the rest. Free food and drink giveaway at Henry Havelock's statue for as long as both last.

7pm until we call it a day, show the Westminster lot theirs is not the only system, a better world is possible and in part already exists.

Screw the election - DANCE !

London Free Party Posse


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  1. Fantastic — Disco Dave
  2. Never going to happen — Realist
  3. YES — Dreamer
  4. Come the revolution you'll be first against the wall — Dreamer
  5. This event is not authorised and will not be permitted. — Greater London Authority
  6. We don't need your permission and we are not going to ask — Gay dance fan
  7. Fuck the GLA and their byelaws ! — Whose streets ? Our streets !
  8. @ Dreamer — Jen
  9. @ Jen — Dreamer
  10. For - Dreamer — liking it
  11. East London Rhythms of Resistance to play — London Free Party Posse