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Genocide of ‘non-Ukrainians’ on approval of the EU

Josef Hashever | 20.04.2015 11:28 | World

There is a real possibility that Ukraine would no longer be a multiethnic country

Until it’s too late, Europeans should pay close attention to the fact that Donbas problem is far from being just the sole example of artificial division of Ukraine according to ideological, ethnical, religious, and language barriers. Poroshenko & Co., stuck to Ukrainian nationalism ideals and creation of a united mono-ethnical state, see all the national communities daring to cherish their right to collective self-determination, cultural heritage and region of residence as sort of some alien elements.

Ukrainian authorities put the tag ‘separatism’ on everything, pursuing tough line towards non-Ukrainians using their native language or being intolerant to making heroes of Nazis. Odessa is a good example to prove that fact. Hardly the local national communities of Bulgarians, Russians, Moldavians, Gagauz people, and Poles declared creation of ‘National Rada of Bessarabia’, that SBU initiated mass detainment of participants of the founding meeting. If Kiev goes on with this sort of national policy, repressions will fail to prevent further dismantle of Ukraine.

Such a scenario is actually a huge challenge for Europe, for it threatens with the heightened interethnic animosity, acts of genocide and fighting in Western Ukraine of the scale surpassing current hostilities in Donbas. They may seem a nuisance if compared to probable events in Western Ukraine. Lives of hundreds of thousands of Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Moldavians, Rusins, Czechs, Slovaks, and other nationalities are in danger now. Politicians in Kiev don’t see them fit the ideal Ukrainian state. They mind their own momentary political interests first and they are on solidarity terms rather with Americans enjoying their safety overseas than with the people of Ukraine.

Even the USA being initially very supportive of Poroshenko and Yatsenuk finds it worrisome how Ukrainian government plans it now to displace national minorities from the places of their traditional settlement to some other regions of the country, some of them adjourning the zone of counterterrorism operation.

Taken from here :

The governments of Romania and Hungary have made several attempts to drive attention to the problems of the kindred national communities in Ukraine. Now, the leaders of Czech Republic also cast their eye on ethnic Czechs in Ukraine. According to some information circulating in the Internet, president Zeman has intently distanced himself from the policy of supporting Ukrainian regime and is set to visit Moscow on May 9 thus opposing the European anti-Russian majority. It appears humiliations and discrimination of ethnic Czechs in Ukraine became the last straw to break the camel’s back in this case. There are numerous proofs in the Internet pointing to special project sanctioned by the Prague to move Czechs from Ukraine, help them financially and give them some place to live absolutely free of any charge (look at the examples in the pics for this article)

If the situation in Czech Republic really lacked stability then it wouldn’t be so generous with initiating such programs. Unfortunately, many other European countries are staying idly doing nothing to stay on defense of the congeneric national minorities in western Ukraine. Romania and Hungary are making some feeble attempts from time to time to attract attention to gross violation of national minorities’ rights in Western Ukraine. Those attempts are periodically curbed by Washington and Brussels. Even Poles who suffered a lot from Ukrainian nationalists during the WWII forgot about the need to defend their congeners and are scary to show brazen Ukrainian nationalists their true place. This lack of punishment brings its results. The SBU head Nalyvaichenko is set firmly to get the know-how of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army which (who isn’t in the know yet) mercilessly killed dozens of thousands of peaceful Poles

The EU countries should bring Ukraine to senses like parents do it with a naughty boy. Ukraine may be threatened with cutting of financial, economic and political support. Otherwise the policy of Ukrainian leadership towards national minorities may result in irreversible tragic impact, the responsibility for which lying on both the USA and European Union.

Josef Hashever